Wednesday 24 August 2011

Borderless Delft Dreams

You were mostly telling me to go without a border and as I have never done that before I find I am only too happy to oblige - plus the fact that I can finish sooner!

But I do like a pieced back to a quilt to make my quilts sort of reversible so here is the back....spent all yesterday playing with it!

First of all there is a giant sized broken dishes block in blue and white - what else could I use? The block is deliberately off centre and I have given it a border first in Kona Ash from the lovely Mandy at Simply Solids.  Followed by a blue and white border suggested by new blogger Helen at Archie the wonder dog! 

If you know Lynne then you have been to Helen's blog already otherwise go and have a look and say hi!  She has just started blogging but has done some lovely work which you can also see on her Flickr photostream - same name!  And you will meet Archie and his pal Alfie there too!   

Back to the quilt:
More Kona Ash and blue squares follow with a bit of white thrown in. 

You may notice a hint of black fluffiness in the bottom right've guessed I was visited by the lovely Saffy while taking my photos this morning in pyjamas and wellies in the gentle English drizzle....!

It was great fun making this pieced back and my next job will be to layer and quilt this little are front and back together

....with guard cat!

...and there is her seal of approval " Good job mum!"

Nearly finished but now I need Liz to nag me about getting on with that applique border on the Friendship's Garden quilt as I have done two swags and no more!  Go for it Liz!


  1. I think you are right not to go with a border. Sometimes it looks right not to and this is one of them. It looks great.

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! The red fabric is actually canvas, nice and strong. Perfect for bags :-)

  3. Loving the back. It is so original. This is going to be another great quilt.

  4. Thats awffy nice for a back! It'll be a proper double sided quilt! (glad you're going borderless)

  5. looks super duper!
    I especially like this quilt because it has blue and white, I shouldn't say that as I don't think you have made a quilt I didn't think was fantastic.
    I love Saffy getting in on the act.
    Well done you!

  6. Love the front and back!! You are so prolific in your quilting and I love all your projects. I'm more of a snail right now, but maybe some day... The blues and whites look so pretty.

  7. This is fantastic Nicky! I like it borderless and what a great back! How will you quilt it?

  8. I am liking borderless quilts lately too. The backing!! that is a top on it's own. How will you quilt it??

  9. I dont like borders!
    I do love your giant patchwork!!

  10. Oooh, love this, front and back, its FAB!

  11. Two quilts in one, it looks great.

  12. Wow, thanks for the plug - it's really kind of you!! I love the back - how on earth are you going to choose which side to show off? It's going to have to be turn and turn about! I love the look of a borderless delft and the blue and white square border on the back is just genius ;o) (he he!!) Looking forward to seeing how you quilt this! How did you only have gentle drizzle this morning - I could barely see across the road!
    P.S. Saffy very cute!


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