Saturday 27 August 2011

Thank Peeps you are the best!

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the supportive messages and advice we have had.  Yesterday we cried, we hugged, we sighed, we remembered and we laughed.  Hopefully we can go on remembering Emily as she was - a lovely cat and friend to Clarissa most of all!

Helen from Archie the wonder dog has come up with a very useful suggestion - a posting box or book so that any worries your child has can be posted or written down to be looked at with mum (or dad) at the end of an agreed period of time to review the situation - is this still a worry, has it already resolved itself, what can we do about it now?  Maybe useful to some of you out there.....!  

Clarissa is also starting a new school  next week - so it's an anxious time for her anyway!  Thanks very much Helen I will suggest it to Clarissa and see how she feels about it!

As to what else I have done - I have cut out some material according to the instructions for the Across the Sea QAL - and more than that I have started putting the blocks together. 

Now I was doing a baby quilt using this fabric

But now I'm doing a lap quilt using this

Why the change?  Well I don't have enough of that gorgeous background fabric to make all the blocks and having pondered about a multi coloured background I decided I wanted to stick with the original plan - so I will be waiting for more fabric and am not sure when it will be coming.  For the back of the quilt I have decided to go with white as the background so will join in then as I have quite a bit of white! And have more on order...

So rather than wait and perhaps miss out on the fun I decided to do a Fright Nite lap quilt to put over your head when scary movies come on!  I am sure it will get plenty of use watching the new series of Doctor Who alone,  but being the tinkerer I am, I am tweaking the blocks and the layout and the border!  I am sorry Jennifer and Sarah I just cannot stop meddling!

Was thinking of going with the second layout on this side of the lap quilt as I can pack more of those greek crosses and scary fabrics in but now I look at the photos I am not so sure actually!   But I do adore the blood curdling Kona Ruby Red solid - isn't it yummy!  Great for those knife wielding scenes in the shower or the birthing of a little alien or two!  

Honestly I am far too much of a wimp to watch horror films and Dr Who is about as scary as I will watch! 

I will go back to the original design for the baby quilt with cute whales on it....I promise the Fright Nite Quilt is NOT for the baby!   Any views on the layout anyone?

Thanks again for the comments - they were especially appreciated at this time.


  1. I like the extra squares but it does turn it into an entirely different quilt.

  2. So sorry about the loss of your pet. Good to see you've found some quilting therapy. I really like the second layout!

  3. I also like the second option but agree with Susan...that's not necessarily a bad thing as you won't be making the same thing twice, unless you fiddle with the pattern of the baby quilt, too! I'm too much of a wuss to even watch Dr Who - when me and my brother were little we used to be too scared to go up to the toilet alone after watching the daleks so one would go up to the bathroom and leave the door open while the other stood at the bottom of the stairs and talked to them!! I don't do well with suspense, I tend to think "Turn a light on, for goodness sake!" and I eventually had to stop watching X files as I couldn't stand the constant creeping round in the dark/sitting in a darkened office with just a desk lamp switched on while God knows what crept down the corridor!! Take care (and thanks for the mention!) xx

  4. I'm liking option 2. I find Dr.Who too scarry! Jxo

  5. I like the first option but I am a little simple with layouts.
    Hope Clarissa enjoys her move to her new school.
    I used to love horror books when I was a teen, couldn't think of anything worse now.
    Vampires particularly freak me out, there is a long explanation to that one!
    Have fun with your new quilt.
    Love the idea of the posting box.

  6. Oh yes, I like version Number 2...

    As for Helen - that woman makes some excellent suggestions doesn't she? My children are not old enough to voice their worries or concerns (other than where is my doll and that sort of thing) but when they are older the worry journal is a great idea.

    Let us know which quilt layout you decide on!


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