Monday 8 August 2011

I am a product!

I was in the supermarket recently and some packaging caught my eye....

What was that?  My name blazened across some packaging?  This needed closer inspection!

Well I was glad to see that I was a luxury product and environmentally sound as I could be re-cycled

But who'd have thought I was this...

Ah well life has a habit of showing you your place and I guess the toilet is mine! But I am fairly essential, something you wouldn't want to be without, just not as glamorous as I would have hoped!  Haha!

Do you have a product named after you?  Is it a bit more glam than mine!??



  1. There is a tapestry . . . I saw it in the V&A recently and thought how much I would like to take it home. Spitting image of me, too (cough)!

    Pomona x

  2. Congrats on being such a valued commodity! My sometimes nickname is AMS. And for that there is the American Mathematical Society, the American Meterological Society, the American Montessori Society, American Medical Systems, the Agricultural Marketing Service and the American Musicological Society, among others. There's even AMS Designs, which sadly specializes in hair loss and restoration rather than quilting patterns.

  3. You know that most of the world cannot do without you! Your indispensable. Glad it is a flash brand and not the budget roll. he he
    There was a car made by leyland that was my namesake. Years ago my hubbie bought me the metal tag from one. Must fish it out. And people moor their boats at my namesake too.

  4. not at all...mine is the spray product that keeps food from sticking to the pan...PAM. Not glam at all! At least they're both useful! (although mine not too environmentally sound!)


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