Tuesday 30 August 2011

Goodie, Goodie Swap!

Goody, goody is what I am saying to myself as I think of this swap!  Anxious is how I'm feeling and will continue to feel until I actually get sewing.

What swap you say?  Well if you haven't seen it, or heard about it the swap is being led by the lovely Cindy at Fluffy sheep quilting!  It is too late to join in but you can drool over the inspiration mosaics and goodies being made on flickr

My poor attempts at mosaics are below and I have to say that I haven't managed to be terribly helpful I fear.  Problem is I like so many diffferent things so to help my patrners I thought I'd try to explain my choices:

I cannot see what these have in common!?  I love colour I guess and perhaps little details whether it be applique, quilting or embroidery.  There were so many mugrugs I adored these were a small selection - didn't know I liked toadstools so much but I do have a collection of dala horses!  Love them and all the colours they come in - still looking for a black one on ebay at a reasonable price!  Let me know if you spot one!

I have looked up birds, sewing items, covered journals and a coin purse in this mosaic.  As I like to hand sew on the go - anything to assist that will definitely be used!  I like journals for writing down inspiration!  How lovely it would be to have a special one for thoughts on creating...  And who could resist a little coin purse with money for a rainy day!   Need a little purse for car parking money!

But anything my partner wishes to make is great - I would rather they did something they felt comfortable making than stress out about one of the above.  I love lots of things and homemade is what I love most!

Happy sewing partners and all the other partners out there - hope this helps!


  1. Nothing wrong with those mosaics! Now, you Just need one of your secret partners to quilt you a black dal a horse.

  2. Great mosaics, lots of lovely things there so your partners should have plenty of inspiration!

  3. Great mosaics - your partner will be able to get a lot of ideas from them and your comments - I have ideas swirling and I'm not in the swap so I think you'll be ok!


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