Monday 15 August 2011

UFO fighters unite!

To my great joy and delight I have found some intrepid help is at hand for all UFO fighters.  

Staci The confused quilter has been leading a Flickr group called Ufo Domination 2011.  They pick a project every month to work on and set a goal for that project.  Then there is a Finish line where everyone cheers and pats you on the back when you succeed in achieving it!  

Not sure yet what happens if you don't but I have asked the question!!

I have signed up this month with the Friendship's Garden Quilt - I may have mentioned it before...?

 Can I get the top finished by the end of the month?  Not if I keep getting distracted by new quite rightly say!   But here is my material for the borders and the applique pieces I have already cut 2005! 

And here is gorgeous Saffy giving it the once over - not because she is that interested in applique but because it in on her bed!

A bit of domination is all that's required now why didn't I think of that before? Emma Peel would have been able to help...

She quite liked a fight and definitely a skin tight cat suit!

No I am not...wearing that!  But if you want to gain control over UFOs you can still join in though you may want to wait till September like a normal sane person?!  

But I am greedy I still need your help too as all your comments have certainly got me this far - three down!   I am amazed by and grateful for all your support and encouragement.  Bouquets all round....


  1. I look like Emma Peel..... in my dreams. I can think of a few people that I would like to kick. I am struggling to finish off my drunkards path leftovers cushion let alone the drunkards path quilt. I am still waiting for the wadding to arrive so I can assemble it. It definitely won't be finished for September 10th. It will be finished this year though. Yeah!

  2. gee that one piece leather suit sure beats the cheer leaders outfit I was thinking of wearing.
    Those borders are going to be as gorgeous as the top so far. Go gadget!

  3. I really think you should wear the cat suit! LOL! I am sure your family would think you are completely nuts if they saw you quilting in a cat suit....hee hee! Love the pieces for applique! This will make a great quilt - a fantastic quilt! better get busy... Emma :)

  4. LOL! GREAT POST! We all need to imagine ourselves as Emma Peel as we dominate those UFO's!

    Saffy is so beautiful! And so kind to allow you to use her bed!.


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