Wednesday 10 August 2011

Well no wonder I was bored....

I think I might just have overdone the cutting out of triangles to make HSTs (half square triangles) for my Friendship's Garden quilt as I seem to have this many left over....

You may think this is the same photo as yesterday but I assure you it is not.  My maths was not correct - I was one HST out for each row!

Do you know how many HSTs are in this quilt?  Nope - nor do I but I am just counting ...1,2,3,...11 ...25....37....46....78....99.....150.....200....280!  That's how many and I have finished them all....joined them up....and stitched the quilt top together.

So far so good as they say but I cannot do the happy dance yet - well ok a little one - as I have an applique border to add on and applique is a scary word at the moment as I haven't done significant amounts of needle turn applique since I was doing this quilt in 2005/2006!

Do you want a photo...?

Well here is a teaser.....

More revealed tomorrow after I edit the countless photos I took while ably assisted by Saffy the cat!  Isn't she adorable!??

Great view I think!  And for Saffy too!

I am quite excited this week as I am going to go to Birmingham on Friday, to the NEC, to the Festival of Quilts (FoQ).  I am hoping to put faces to blog names so if you are there please let me know.  I am a FoQ virgin so any tips for a really big quilt show would be most welcome!


Friendship's Garden by Alma Allen & Cherie Ralston
Still available at Pickledishstore

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  1. I will be helping you happy dance when you finish that quilt it is just beautiful! Glad you counted the hst after you had finished them, that figure would have been quite daunting.
    Well done!
    Saffy looks lovely.

  2. Looking good! Sorry won't be at FOQ this year, have fun! Jxo

  3. Have a good time at the FOQ. I couldn't persuade my husband to drive up that way, even though we will be in the country!

  4. Well done. Don't lose focus now. I wish I could go to FOQ. It sounds fabulous.

  5. Nicky your quilt looks fantastic! I think I almost missed this post....yesterday is just a blur to me. Anyway, so glad I caught it...I cannot imagine making that many HST's and still being able to blog about it. I would have lost my mind! That is one adorable cat....and such a cute name :)


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