Saturday 6 August 2011

Bright little houses!

I was so pleased with my little purple house that I decided to make some more. I am working my way through my collection of bright Kona solids and I thought if I was really clever I could use it as my very own colour chart!

Each little house in its Kona colour and I will embroider the name of the colour on or beside the house!  No more trying to work out which colour I want from the screen I shall just check my schoolhouse chart.  Of course there are lots of colours I do not have....yet!

These are Corn Yellow, Purple, Papaya,  Caribbean blue, Tangerine, Chartreause, Schoolbus, Cerise and Ochre

Could become a bit of a long as it doesn't turn out to be The Village.  Funnily enough I have been enjoying looking at Kaffe Fassett's book quilt romance - the setting for the photos is Portmeirion, which was also the setting for the 1967 cult series The Prisoner.   If you don't know what on earth I'm on about this link will take you there!   I am number one!  You are number six!  Sorry they say that a lot!

Not so good today was finding out that the HST strips I had being sewing together leader/ender style while making my houses were the wrong way around!  

Yes I am onto horizontal rows not vertical and they need to be joined together differently so I have a pile of work for my little unpicker!  Wish I had not been so diligent before I noticed....sigh!  Still I managed to sew some together correctly and I have a lot more to make...

Any suggestions of colours to include in my schoolhouse chart?  Only bright colours will do for this one!  



  1. the houses are looking fantastic. Not ticky tacky at all!
    what about red, mauve and navy blue.
    Shame about all that unpicking, but you have to do it right!
    Can't say I remember the prisoner series..


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