Tuesday 2 August 2011

Prairie Doll Quilt

I bought the re-print of Kathleen Tracy's book American Doll Quilts recently and decided to start off with a very easy one - project no 4 Prairies Quilt.  You cannot get much easier than a four patch so it was a nice relaxing introduction to this little book of 16 projects.

I used some indigo, some rusty reds and some shirting fabric.  I didn't have a suitable blue check for the border so stuck with a rusty colour instead and bound it off with just enough indigo print.  The back is a repro in rusty red too but I forgot to take a photo of that.

The quilting couldn't be easier straight lines through the centres of each square which gives it a cute dimpled effect.  Now as it is a doll quilt I thought I should photograph it with a doll!  So here is an Edwardian style doll I made in my teens - she looks a bit posh  for this prairie style quilt doesn't she.... ?

It might just look a bit better in sepia but then you miss the colours!

 My first finish in August!  But hopefully not my last....I think I am going to have fun with these little quilt projects through the ages.  I have my eye on a little thirties inspired Dresden plate quilt next...

Okay now I understand the attraction of doll quilts - I'm sorry I just didn't get it before!



  1. sounds addictive!
    watch out..
    Your doll looks quite at home with her new quilt.

  2. Your lovely doll looks like the beginning of Bagpuss !!!! xxx Lovely quilt xxxx

  3. Your newest little quilt is adorable!!

  4. Adorable. Have seen some teeny ones today that you would have loved. Have been to Cowslip in Launceston. My head is buzzing with what I have seen. I should stick to mini quilts as I might stand a better chance of finishing them. Well done for your first finish of August.

  5. Cheers to you too!

    I dont get the doll quilts, maybe I should make one?
    I also dont have enough patchwork books either!

  6. I'm with summerfete. What is it about doll quilts that has so many people making them? I don't have any dolls. Is that the problem? Do explain.

    I like the new header.

  7. Your little doll quilt and doll look so sweet together! There's something about a tiny quilt that's so endearing. I love the colors you chose for yours, too.

  8. Like the little dolly quilt a lot. I've been making these for my 3 granddaughters...they are still too young (ages 2, 1, and 1!), but the 2 yr. old does love her baby...

    am thinking of doing one like yours, as I have a 2 dolls that I made, quite similar to yours! Looks great!

  9. I wanted to comment on your pouch post and then saw this thumbnail and had to click! I love your doll quilt. I didn't know there was a reprint! That's great news.


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