Wednesday 23 November 2011

Just zipit!

Look what arrived yesterday in the post...

Been waiting a little while for these.  I am ecstatic!  Look at those lovely colours!  My local fabric shop is ok and pricey by comparison for the odd zip in dull and dingy colours but these make zips look cool and flamboyant!  Who wants a hidden zip when you have these ..

Especially when accompanied by this!  The fortune telling fish - used to get these in my Christmas cracker!

Apparently I am in love .....yeah with those zips!  And then when it turned over  it meant I was false - not so sure about that one but hey who believes a fortune telling fish anyway!  Nice bit of nostalgia though and quite glad to see they are still around.

So I have jumped on this bandwagon gladly in pursuit of great zips at great prices and fully intend to make a little flurry of pouches.  Just need to find a great contrasting fabric or two!  I may even have some in my stash though some beautiful scraps and linen are absolutely begging to be used for pouchy perfection!

If you want to join in - I bought these 25 bright 8" zips from Etsy shop Zipit for  $15.25 including shipping (£9.83) !


  1. That is definitely the BEST source for zippers! So much fun getting a big pile of colorful zips in the mail, and the fish is a great bonus!

  2. I just bought some zips from them, too, on Susan's recommendation - they are lovely and bright, and arrived so quickly! A great shop.

    Pomona x

  3. That's such a good price - I'll be ordering some just as soon as I find some pennies (after Christmas, probably!). I like the zip embellishment (sorry, can't think of the word I want!) they sent!

  4. It's on my list to order and won't be buying any zips anywhere else. Great colours.

  5. Unbeatable prices and I think I got a Jelly Belly as well as a fish.

  6. The Zipit flu keeps spreading!! I actually used one of mine this evening!

  7. It's not the flu. It an epidemic. Someone inform the World Health Organization!

  8. I love their job! Bought there two times already. Fun colour and great prices. Have fun with your zippers!


  9. Oooh - I'm so tempted. Zippy pouches are only list of things to do, but my local shop still has metal zippers, and you can have any colour you like as long as it's black (or white)!

  10. Ha! Zip it. Zip it good. You're cracking me up!
    What did the fish tell you?

  11. Mmm, I've got Zipit flu too! Mine are on their way :) yayyy!


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