Sunday 20 November 2011

Finish up!

I showed you my progress on my trees runner yesterday and now it is the turn of my North Pole scene.

It has been sitting waiting to be quilted for quite a while - to tell you the truth I wasn't sure what I was doing on the back and then I just worried about the quilting, fearing I might mess up!

The pressure is on now though and I couldn't prevaricate any longer - after all it should be winging it's way to it's new owner on Monday!

Did I mess up?  Well it's not perfect - my FMQ is not that good but on the whole I am pretty pleased with it!

I stitched round all the applique and the border.  I stitched a horizon line or two giving the trees, houses and reindeer something to stand on. 

I joined some of the stars, trying out a variation on a pattern by Leah Day called Star Flower Bands.  We have been following her tutorials on FMQ Friday with Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting.  

Then I added some giant snowflakes to the snowy slopes and some smoke to the chimney.  

Do you think it a chill wintry scene?  Never mind I am sure you would be welcomed in that little house by a warm fire and a cup of cocoa with marshmallow topping!

And here is a sneaky peek at hand stitching round some trees....more of that tomorrow


  1. Nicky, I absolutly LOVE your North Pole table runner...And I love how you have used the FMQ skills that you have been practising the past few weeks. Well done, You should be very proud of it. Who ever the lucky one is will love it.

  2. This is the sweetest runner and I think your quilting is so well thought out, in each individual detail. The snowflakes are brilliant too!

  3. Looks lovely - I can't wait to see where all these end up!

  4. I love all your ideas for the FMQ-- the star flower bands, the snowflakes, the smoke in the chimney and the horizon lines-- all so clever. Your hand stitching for the other one is lovely, too. Has your partner indicated a preference?? It would be a tough choice for me! You are posing a major dilemma here!

  5. Great quilting! I'm sure your partner will love it. Jxo

  6. Nicky, you are doing such a great job on your runners! I love the different quilting you've done, especially the stars!

  7. Lovely! I'm sure your partner will love it!

  8. I love this wintry runner Nicky.

  9. I love this one - the front and the back. Definitely a big favourite of mine from the swap :)

  10. It gets better every day!!

    (any comments from the partner yet?)

  11. It is lovely Nicky!!! Really gorgeous.


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