Saturday 26 November 2011

New York Beauty Cushion!

Way back in November 2007 I was on a workshop learning how to paper/foundation piece the New York Beauty block.  

I only got as far as making two blocks and have got no further since.  

So having made two orphan string blocks into a cushion I thought why not do the same with these two....

I am again using Aurifil 28 to quilt this cushion but this time in a lip smacking  red colour 2250.

Love it so far and I am trying to bring out the Art Deco feel of the block - a period of decoration I love for it's very graphic and almost modern feel.

So it is angles juxtaposed with curves, graphic, bright colours and a textured feel.

The quilting so far has suggested itself to be honest but I am thoroughly stumped by those blank far I have tried curves and a sort of trefoil shape but have unpicked both but maybe the answer is staring me in the face - do I need negative space here to counteract the busyness elsewhere?

The back - I like to get my money's worth in whatever I do and seem drawn to decorate the back almost as much as the front on most things  - be it quilt, cushion...whatever!

This back is absolutely plain so I am wanting a textural pattern to FMQ - daring I know but good practice I feel...

Liking the look of this one from Leah Day called Wind Stitch but it is in the advanced category rather than the beginner section which I found testing enough!

Ah well maybe I just need to practice!  An awful lot!


  1. It looks great! How about echoing the curves? Hope other people have better suggestions!

  2. Get you and your FMQ aspirations!
    Love the negative space me - or is that because I am lazy? Either way it is looking good, and will be great to have another finish x

  3. I'm as lazy as Hadley - go with the negative space. The blocks are amazing and love that you chose a strong colour to quilt with.

  4. Those blocks look fab! Great idea to make them into a cushion!

  5. I love NY Beauty - keep going, it's looking fab.

  6. love the quilting and the bright fabrics.

  7. oh learning how to machine quilt is an art form in itself!
    I have always wanted to make a NYB quilt
    one of these days.....

    good luck with the machine quilting....oh wind stitch looks interesting
    practice, practice practice....

  8. I am no help as it took me years to pluck up the courage to FMQ my NYB. You seem to be doing a great job by yourself and at least it will be finished.


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