Friday 11 November 2011

FMQ Friday - Needles, Water and Lightbulbs!

Here is my effort for this week's FMQ Friday.

I doodled a bit on the back of what turns out to be a copy of my son's physics test!  

Have to say I hated physics as a child and despite doing exams in it did not understand or even want to understand it. 

Might be more receptive now but I have been trying to explain what little I remember about electricity to my cold ridden son.  To be honest the process was short and confusing for both of us!  I have returned to the safe haven of my blog and he has gone back to bed coughing and sputtering as he goes.

Probably for the best!

Anyway back to FMQ and a picture of my attempt at pine needles...

I started off with sparsely needled pines and then moved onto densely needled ones.  I used some 40 weight Aurifil thread I bought at the Festival of Quilts in variegated green.  My problem with this pattern was getting the angle of the leaves right or even consistent!

Then as I tried to interlace them I found I was concentrating on that and not the angle so they got a lot flatter.  Don't think it makes any odds - I would just need to choose which effect I wanted and try to keep it the same!

I am counting this as mainly successful!  Hehe!

Then clever clogs that I thought I was, I went confidently onto next week's pattern!  H2O!   That might have been a mistake....

I definitely had issues with this one!  My circles are not particularly circular and I think that is because I needed to increase my speed.  I am thinking I need more stitches to get a nice curved line than I need for an angular one - please correct me if I am wrong!   The more circular circles seem to have been the ones where I speeded up.  

My next problem was then seeing where I was going to go next.  With pine needles that was obvious but with this pattern you either stop - which I did and that interrupted the flow and rhythm - or I started  getting worried about where I would go next! 

This is something I need to practice a lot with this random sort of pattern as in a quilt there is a lot more to cover and more directions to go in...lots of work ahead then and I will be trying this one again as I like it but struggled with it!

Having grappled with molecules and still thinking about electricity ....I then I had to make this!

I am still waiting.....


  1. I think that they are all brilliant! I just LOVE the light bulb!

  2. Pine needles has worked brilliantly, I actually like the sparse needles best, far left. H2O is pretty manic isnt it?! I think if thats your first go at it you've done very well. My sympathies with regards to son with cold... my man is currently "ill" with it too...

  3. I think your needles are brilliant, well done.

  4. They both look great! H2O looks incredibly difficult and you've done really well with it. Love the light bulb!

  5. If you can do the light bulb then I wouldn't care about the rest. You are so very, very good at that sort of thing it blows me away!

  6. Looking good as far as I am concerned!!

  7. well done!
    Love the lightbulb moment!
    Don't worry about the physics your talents definitely lie elsewhere.

  8. Well who is the clever chick this week???? Fantastic pine needles, I love the little ones and clever to use the thread. (I got some by the way but haven't used it yet) Next weeks looks good too, i always go over my circles twice to get a better shape. And hold on can I use that photo of the lightbulb for my blog please....Great minds think alike!

  9. This
    "blog" post, Completely well done..good job, thanks anyway!

  10. You did a great job with the needles! I really like the dense quilting on the right, but the angle of those on the left. Great, great job!
    I'm finding H2O hard too. I'll have to give it another shot as the week goes on. I think yours is looking really nice!

  11. Loving the light bulb. Moments of illumination...

  12. These are fantastic! I like the effect of the variegated thread:) PS - your cats are adorable!

  13. Nicky, the pine needles look very nice in variegated green. I like the wider spaced needles best. Well done on the light bulb. I like that you expressed your "love" of explaining electricity in quilting.

  14. I love the thread choice, it looks brilliant! I love your pine needles, they are so ordered and neat :)
    I think that's a really good try at next week's too - it may be my downfall! :)


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