Friday 4 November 2011

Stomach lining - looks nicer than it sounds!

Here is my efforts for Free Motion Friday this week.

I did my preparation by drawing out the design - it is practice but as I'm a bit of a doodler I find this quite fun!  

I have to say that I was better at doodling with a pencil than with the machine.

I kept wanting to stitch this pattern from the middle and kept turning it round.  From the video it doesn't look like we were supposed to do that!  Ah well I cannot fight my instincts and if I tried my stomach lining became jagged rather than gently curved.  A bit of an ulcerated stomach!  Ouch!

I also found that I had to have my needle going quite fast to get a better curve so I revved up a bit in my second sample and it is smoother.

I am not bothered by an occasional slight lack of curviness as I doubt it would show up in a quilt!  This will be a great design for lots of texture and would make a great flower centre for applique or something! 

This is one I will want to keep practicing !   Good choice Cindy and I liked last week's Bright Star too!  Looking forward to more FMQ - who'd have thought it??  Certainly not me!

(Sorry if the pics are a bit gloomy but they were taken in the evening)


  1. It looks great - you've really got the hang of this FMQ lark!!

  2. You really stuck with it. Nice job Nicky.

  3. Great job. You have this fmq thing under your belt now. Time to use it on a quilt.

  4. She makes it look so easy on the videos....It looks great though!

  5. It looks great! Your doodling totally pays off and I think your speedy needle in the second trial does you well. Your curves are indeed curves and your stitches look even. Be pleased with yourself and your talent :)


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