Sunday 6 November 2011


My old string cushion project is nearly finished!

The front and back are completed and now all that remains is to insert a zip and finish the cushion off!

This is how they last looked....

This is how they look now...

I have machine stitched along the strings in my precious Aurifil 28 in a luminous golden shade!  No problem there and it looks lovely....a few wonky lines but that is the wonkiness of the strings rather than the stitching!

The other side is part machine stitched - in the string part - and part handstitched with large stitches in a variety of cotton perle colours!

So what do you think campers!?  

I am pleased with the textured result of the machine stitching and am thinking of using the same on my Brit Quilt Swap Cushion either in grey, green or blue??

I am working on the other side of this cushion now with a slightly brighter palette and a choice of backgrounds.

This is the linen I used on the front....

Or I could give it a brighter feel with a white background and just a border of the linen!

I think I am favouring the second option but your views would be very ever!  Keep me on the right path people!

I'm hoping my partner will be able to enjoy her cushion all year and even at Christmas!


  1. Love the quilting on the string cushion and I also like the second option for your PF cushion!

  2. The hand-quilting looks great - I prefer the linen :)

  3. Love all that stitching on the cushion cover. Judging by the other two comments you were asking for an opinion but I'm afraid I just oogled the visual delights this time (late in the eve and all that) and skipped the wordy bit. Sorry!

  4. the hand quilting is just fantastic! I love it.
    I like the tree on the white border, for me!

  5. The cushion looks GREAT! I love the hand-stitches. I will have to make a cushion cover for a swap and this is very inspiring.
    I like the tree on the white border. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  6. Option 1 for me! Love the stitching on your string cushion. Jxo

  7. I love the strings and the quilting looks amazing Nicky!! Can't decide which side I like best!! I prefer option 2, it looks brighter x


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