Wednesday 30 November 2011

New directions with FMQ!

I received this cushion in the Brit Quilt Swap from the lovely Jeanette aka Hobbylass - ok you know that already!

But at last I have got a photo which does more justice to all the work Jeanette has put into making this!  Just look at all that stitching!  Wow!  I was sort of blown away by that!  [Any tips of taking good photos of quilting would be gratefully received]

Jeanette's cushion totally inspired this one as I realised how great the texture of FMQ looks in a cushion - and it is a manageable size to practice on but a bit bigger than the sample squares I have been doing!

Here they are together - oh I know they don't co-ordinate in colour but they do in texture!

The other side of my cushion uses up two orphan blocks that I made in 2007 so that is another UFO crossed off my list!  Hurrah!

So thanks Jeanette for the cushion but also for the inspiration - I just needed that idea of a bigger surface to FMQ on!  

There will be no stopping me now - why not FMQ on placemats, tote bags, purses, runners!?  Well you can see where I am headed and all because of Jeanette's cushion!


  1. Roll with it, girl!! You are an FMQ maniac now! Love your cushion and the pillow you received, too. I signed up to take a paper piecing class in January (it meets for 3 Saturday afternoons) and the pattern is similar to your cushion front. I may have to borrow some inspiration from your fabric selections. I'm really looking forward to it! Have fun with the FMQ!!

  2. Oh wow it looks great! what beautiful FMQ she has - it really jumps with the solid blue background. Pretty, pretty!

  3. Go Nicky Go!!! I love the texture from FMQ....wouldn't a bathroom rug or kitchen rug look wonderful? I can't wait to see what you quilt next!

  4. Thanks for that, it's good to see Jeanette's cushion up close, don't think her own photos did it justice.

  5. They look good together and it's great to see your FMQ and orphan blocks in a cushion - how many more UFOs to go?!

  6. You go girl! Now there is no stopping you. Look what you can achieve when you try. Well done to you and your diminishing UFO list.

  7. You'll be fmqing your curtains next ;) Gorgeous cushions and great inspiration for a cushion virgin!


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