Saturday 12 November 2011

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

I am in two swaps at the moment and have come to a stop on the main event items so on the lovely Sarah's advice way up in darkest Shetland I have started on the extra items.

Here is an extra for the Brit Quilt pillow fight - a pine tree pincushion!  

One side is string pieced similarly to the pillow/cushion using the same fabrics - this is a really subtle colour scheme for me!  Who knew I could do that??

The other side has a bit of embroidery on it - inspired by this picture on Flickr
by Jesse Truong!     Just check out her lovely makes on Flickr!

The background is Kona Ash with green perle stars all over it !  That was fun.

And I have added a brown felt tree trunk just to help identify what it is...

My other swap extra is a prototype as it is not quite right but I hope to make a better one for Susan's tablerunner swap.  Inspiration came from Lottakind !  She also makes some lovely things and seems to be a big fan of Maileg!  Who isn't!

This one is a bit skew-wiff (if that really is a word) and his hat is not quite tall enough.  

I gave him legs and a few more facial features than the original and I think thinner braid would look better but he likes his smart DS jacket though his trousers do look like pj bottoms - don't you think!? 

 Have to say I find his lack of arms a bit disturbing....

Hope you like these makes and enjoy visiting some Flickr photostreams if you have the time!  Must say I like to fiddle about with little bits of this and that and now I am swapping I have the excuse..

BTW has anyone seen this book IRL?  What did you think?  Is this taking swapping too far?

Available on amazon here!

Hope you get some fabulous sewing done today and if you do - tell me about it!


  1. What a great idea, Nicky! It would be perfect for Christmas cute. :)

  2. I would love to hear more about the book "Sew to Swap" too. I hope that my local bookstores will carry them so I can take a peek before making a decision. They have the kindle edition but if there are patterns in the book..I would not know how I can use the patterns. :(

  3. Christmas tree is great and don't worry about the soldier he might be hiding his arms behind his back.

  4. You are so clever! I love the little soldier...very Christmas-y! I have not seen the book, but the cover is very nice....I will have to look it up. I will be at work today so lots of fabric selling but not so much fabric sewing!

  5. Love your tree pincushion and the soldier is prob standing to attention!!
    Had a wee flick thro the book on Amazon, not overly impressed.

  6. Humm....tell me more about your book. Did you get it? What's inside? See anything you like?

    Your little cuties make me smile - your partners will love them!

  7. very sweet pincushions. I love the little guard.
    Swapping is great that way, you get to make small and compact items that are finished quick smart!

  8. LOL, I thought your guard was great until you pointed out his disabilities and that he's only half dressed! The tree worked really well. I'm off to check out the book now

  9. Love the pincushion and the soldier - very cute!! I have no idea about the book, sorry!


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