Tuesday 29 November 2011

Bee Blessed blocks!

I have fallen behind with making Bee Blessed blocks!  

I am supposed to send blocks to the lovely Judith at Rags to Bags and she makes them up into quilts with the help of a few friends and other virtual bee members.  These quilts are then gifted to people in her community.

We are supposed to send a different block every month....

Here are my overdue Log Cabin blocks for November.  These are destined for some more elderly recipients hence the traditional colours and floral fabrics.  

These blocks are disappearing into the quilt on the bed which has a traditional feel to it too.  

Note black fluffy blob in top left hand corner - Saffy's usual daytime sleeping position - only thing missing is my latop which she likes to keep warm beside!  Think that is her head and three paws!  She does keep me company for which I am very grateful now that everyone is at school/work!

I still need to catch up by making some Disappearing Nine Patch Blocks for October.....better look through my stash again....

If you would like to help I am sure Judith would be overjoyed to have more willing volunteers to make blocks, or even gift some material!  It is all going to a good cause and what better use to put our hobby to than helping others feel a little bit special?  The Flickr group can be found here!


  1. Very pretty blocks! I am afraid that I have to plead invalidism on the volunteering front though . . .

    Pomona x

  2. what lovely blocks and for a good cause too.
    Looks like they have been cat scanned!

  3. I only managed 2 this month so you have done well Nicky. I was in such a rush I didn't even take their pic...

  4. You did good - apart from the literal granny cushion fabric, I am a granny fabric-free zone - I'm making it up to Judith next time!

  5. Aw thanks chick! You're a wee star! The blocks are perfect and will go great with the others we've made. Appreciate your generosity! Jxo

  6. Great job! The fabric is perfect and will be absolutely loved by a grannie. You're rockin' the bee with so many - I only made 3 :(
    Saffy has to meet Clarkson. I swear they match!

  7. The blocks are going to look great with the ones already made - someone is going to treasure this quilt for years to come!


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