Friday 25 November 2011

Cushions on the brain!

Yesterday I thought I would be doing all sorts but not finishing this project!  

Obviously I have cushions on the brain....blame that Brit Quilt swap!

So here is my new cushion made from UFO string blocks dating from 2009, quilted with beautiful Aurifil 28 thread colour 2140 or orange to you and me....

And on this side I have added some hand stitching to the centre of the spider web block with cotton perle in lime green, peach, bright green, yellow, pink, grey and violet - quite a rainbow of colours!  I like how the centre unquilted area sort of pouffes out in contrast to the quilted area.

It is the same size as the one I sent to my Brit Quilt partner - though obviously in much brighter colours!

Note the concealed zip!  Have not tried to do one of these before but all I did was add a flap to cover the zip when I stitched it in - don't know if there is any other method but I am sure you will let me know.  

Well at first it was not so well concealed as I could not seem to get it to lie flat but it has improved with a bit of pressing!  Note to self - check which will be the front of your cushion and make sure the flap opens to the back rather than what you want to call the front - didn't do that and would rather it was the other way round but not so bothered that I want to unpick it!

I finished my partner's cushion off with binding and it was fully lined inside but because of the zip at the bottom of this cushion I could not use that method so it is just seamed inside and no lining..... at the moment.

It is a ray of sunshine in our gloomy germ filled world at the moment as this is the house of lergy and has been for three weeks!  I may be paranoid but think those germs are out to get me - my only defense is locking myself up in my sewing room and working like crazy!  Down to one sick child at home today as my hubby has bravely gone forth into the world of work and commuting....

And this is another cushion that has come to me by way of Hobby Lass who blogs here and the Brit Quilt Swap.

She is, she says, a new quilter but you would not guess that from the beautiful quilting she has done - I certainly would not yet attempt something of this complexity.  Rather in awe of all that detail - so well done Jeanette!  All you FMQers gasp in wonder.....

She also sent me a large bar of chocolate and two fat quarters to play with!  Sorry but most all of the chocolate seems to have disappeared....mmmm wonder where that has gone?

Still to hear from my Brit Quilt swap partner...!?  Tomorrow I hope..but if not Monday surely!

Linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it up Friday! as I finished a project started way back in 2009 - call it a maturing process....!


  1. Morning Nicky, I know I've said it before...but really lovely cushion!
    Bet you are really chuffed with it, and great handstitching too.
    Have a great weekend!


  2. love your cushion-the accent quilting is just gorgeous.
    Your cushion received is fantastic too. You fmqers are just too, too clever!
    As for that chocolate....I don't think you were just avoiding the lergies in that sewing room.
    Were you chanting 'my precious...' as you retreated into the room?

  3. Beautiful cushion, and definitely in awe of that FMQ ing. Having a bit of a crisis on that front at the moment.
    Did you know that chocolate is essential for warding off germs - it's a well known fact. Well it is in our house!

  4. The cushion is very pretty..I really like the design. :)

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  6. YOu never cease to amaze!!! Well done with the new cushion...can't wait to pop round and see it in the flesh !!!! Love the new blue one too....gorgeous!!!

  7. Looks fabulous, Nicky! Love the orange thread and your hand stitching looks great, too! Your partner's FMQ is amazing!

  8. Nicky, your string cushion is HOT STUFF!! Its beautiful! I LOVE what you've done with the hand quilting, and the 2 different types of string block... just gorgeous!!

  9. LOVE your string cushion - the hand quilting is fabulous!! The FMQ on your swap cushion is amazing - I bet the texture is marvellous! I hope you avoid the lurgy - the chocolate and sewing will definitely help with that!

  10. Love your cushion, Nicky. Your quilting on the spiderweb side is fantastic. And didn't you score in the swap. Lovely cushion to add to what is soon going to be a hube collection!

  11. I'm really chuffed you like the cushion but I must point out that the cushion you made really puts mine to shame. I really think it's gorgeous.

  12. Your cushion is just beautiful! Well done, Miss N! I love, love, love the hand stitching you added in. Just beautiful.

  13. Wow love your cushion! Your quilting is fantastic!! :)

    Your cushion from Jeanette is great too - again very nice quilting!

  14. Love your cushion, the piecing and hand stitching are great.

  15. I love the stitching on your striped piece cushion! Beautiful!

  16. Beautiful work! Now I want to make cushions! :-)

  17. Love the echo quilting, I need to make some cushions . . .

  18. Gorgeous cushion! Just found your blog, (via Finsih it up Friday)it's lovely! I'm in West Sussex too.

  19. That cushion is GORGEOUS! I love the colours and the stitching. My New years resolution is to make cushions ;)


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