Wednesday 16 November 2011

Mainly shopping!

When I got back home from the school run this morning and I heard a rustling sound - not Saffy investigating something she was asleep on the spare bed.  No something fluttering up by the skylight - a little blue tit!   Imagine my surprise!   Eventually got it outside but how had it got in???

Next job was to take the cat to the VET for a booster jab - she was not impressed!  But we met her twin there - the vet must have thought she was seeing double...

All this rushing around was so that I could go on a little trip with my friend Eloise for some carrot cake and a bit of the Cornstore in Pulborough.  I have taken you here before but there is always new vintage and antique goodies and lunch and/or tea and cake!  What more could you ask for??

Would this little chap help you save a penny or two?

Well after all this browsing we were like this lady .....

 in desperate need of a cup of tea...what did you think I was going to say??

And the carrot cake was as good as we remembered!

Here is what I brought home

Two tree cutters ready for Christmas, a little packet of glitzy crystal beads, and a necklace...I really need another one!

Two SIA candlesticks - love that Swedish look!  Ok not antique, but lovely all the same! 

And back to my Celtic roots this very big pewter brooch - 3" across!

This brooch is huge!

And if all that wasn't exciting enough look what came in the post....

Well Mandy at Simply Solids was giving me 11% off!  She could give you the same deal too....and you can choose other fabrics too....

Just in case you do not win the Christmas Gifts for Quilters 7 (+ mahusive giveaway)

chez madame Lynne at Lily's Quilts

PS if you have been having problems commenting on my blog I am hoping I have fixed the problem so please try again as I do love to hear form you - even  if you just tell me you an comment - sorry and thanks!


  1. You sure have some fun vintage shops around there, Nicky. And a cup of tea is the perfect way to cap off a shopping trip. The fabric in the mail is icing on the cake!

  2. I NEED to go to that shop. I need a French enamel lunch tin. My life will be incomplete without it. And I love that broach, no matter what the size.

  3. Blimey I drive past all the time but have never been in!!!!

  4. what great finds at the shop! I love that sled.
    Your new brooch is beautiful as are the candlesticks.
    A good day I'd say..then to come home to fabric-I'd say a fantastic day.

  5. What interesting shops you have in your world - and what an exceptionally clean kitchen!!
    DO you happen to have any Little Apples? Just wondering which of those solid aquas would match best....

  6. Didn't we have fun !!! xxxx Lovely day out with you xxx

  7. Wow that brooch is just spectacular! Is that my piece of carrot cake? Give it here, please.

  8. Are the solids for your spool blocks? They all look lovely! Oh, and the brooch is fabulous!


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