Thursday 10 November 2011

While in Rome....

I didn't do as the Romans -  I saw no crafting there at all but I guess I was looking in all the wrong places!  So I just had to carry on by myself!

Here are some spools blocks which I hand stitched - sorry cannot remember which I had done before so this is all the ones from Rome and from my workshop....

Carolyn Forster had 81 in her quilt and I have now done 18 - only 63 to go then...? 

Not sure if I have enough of these fabrics to do that many anyway - some of the lighter aquas I only had one fat 1/8th!   The darker colours I have more of but would rather this had a brighter feel so I may be looking for more aqua solids - any suggestions?

My middle square fabric is Heather Moore - Cut Out & Keep - Avenues! 

This is such a different look for me - in the use of solids and the colour scheme - it is quite an adventure!   Think I will need to hold back on the dark mustard colour as it is quite dominant....but need more aqua remember!


  1. They look great! Sorry, I can't help with aqua solids but I'm sure someone with a colour chart will be along soon...I'll check in my LQS tomorrow in case they have something suitable!

  2. Lovely ...........clever you ............xxxx

  3. really? I kind of love that mustard!! ;)

  4. they are looking like quite a lovely collection. That centre fabric is so nifty. It looks great.

  5. Riley Blake makes a very pretty aqua-ish solid. I don't remember the name but I think it is in a line with spice in the name. I know I am so much help, aren't I? Sorry....been a bad day :(

  6. Oh, I'm very loving the aqua with mustard and the grey, very sophisticated! x


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