Friday 18 November 2011

The back or the alternative!?

My next task is to finish my tablerunner for Susan's Modern Christmas Tablerunner Swap - the deadline is charging towards me!  Eek!

I completed this top quite a while ago and was thinking about the back....while finishing the cushion...

As my partner seems to like trees a lot I thought of putting some on the back and making the runner reversible but then I wondered how I could quilt it with both sides in mind......

In the meantime I have made this little forest of scrappy string trees...

out of this...

It's ok put down the phone to the RSPCA Saffy is only there as decoration - none of her was used in the making of these trees though there may be a cat hair in there somewhere!

Now I am loving these trees as much as the front - and that's what I thought it was not a back anymore but another front...

With some Kona Pomegranite and Olive as border fabric!

So here I am with a second front and a choice for my partner - I have a plan for whichever one she does not want - but you get to choose partner which one??

As for the back I found this fabric in my stash!  And more of it at my local  fabric shop - so both runners get the same backing fabric....

You may not be my swap partner but which tablerunner would you prefer ?


  1. they are both great!! I would hate to have to choose. Your little pieced trees look adorable.

  2. They are both great, but I really love the scrappy trees all lined up in a row! It is so bright and fresh! You have the best ideas, Nicky!

  3. I'll be happy having whichever one your partner doesn't want!

  4. I do like the new scrappy trees, but I think I have to stick with the original. I just love those reindeer too much!

  5. I have a solution (well not me but a copied one!) Quilt the front onto the batting, make your back up slighly larger than the front and fold the back around over the front so that it froms the binding, it looks best machine stitched. Its ingenious and I cant wait to try it out myself!
    p.s the runner so beautiful!

  6. They are both fabulous but I think my favourite is the first one.. just! :)

  7. I like the original best, cos it has character, and I like the border too


  8. I love them both!! Could you quilt both of them onto thin wadding (no backing) and then put them back to (with maybe a few of anchoring stitches between the two sides) and bind?

  9. I really like the different styles of both runners. If I had to pick only one, I'd go for no.2 , because I LOVE anything scrappy! Jxo

  10. I wouldn't like to be your partner - I couldn't possibly choose, they are both FAB!!!!!

  11. now I understand! so glad I'm not in this swap now, because I really couldn't choose!

  12. Oh, okay-- now I get it-- I missed this post before I read your next post. Each of the runners is beautiful in its own right-- I think it boils down to your partner's taste. Either way, your partner is very lucky!!

  13. nice trees! You do make it hard to choose!
    I would probably be inclined to go for option 1 over the trees. Not because I don't like the trees - only because option 1 is so different to what I made and not something I would make myself. So if I'm not your partner then that's probably no use to you whatsoever :) Sorry!
    In other words they are both great and I'm sure your partner will like either one...


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