Saturday 5 November 2011

Coming home to wonderful post!

We went, we saw and I was conquered - oh how my feet hurt - all that walking around Rome!

But I came back to this.... 

Me thinks these delightful cranes are a bit of a trademark of the lovely and extremely generous Elisa!  The crane alone is lovely - complete with hanging ring and little beads ....

but here's some delicious chocolate - mostly gone already ....oops! And some postcards of Elisa's favourite paintings - love that you shared your favourites with me - that feels very special....pity we don't own them but postcards are not bad substitutes!

 Then there are these gorgeous fabrics - so many,  so much more than a fat quarter....drool....

Love the birds, the Japanese, the orange, the dots, the flowers - that is to say all of it really!

And this dotty packaged item...

Which contained this beautiful covered journal...had my eye on this from the start...

Thanks just doesn't seem enough Elisa!

So how about thank you very, very much - I love every little bit and how clever of you to notice I love birds, and green and orange and art and chocolate and cranes! 

I am one footsore but extremely happy person!

And thanks to Kat for her concept and her organisation!  We happy swappers certainly owe her a big round of applause!  Yeah!


  1. Welcome home! What an amazing trip (and swap!)

  2. What a fab parcel! Lucky you :)
    I am also the proud owner of one of Elisa's fabulus cranes. Lucky us.
    Glad you had a great swap :) xx

  3. Lucky you to receive from Elisa. A wonderful parcel from one of the nicest bloggers. Great crane!

  4. Awesome! Elisa creates such beautiful things! You're so lucky - I love, love, love the notebook and can't wait to see how you use your lovely scraps :)

  5. That Elisa is a bit of a catch isn't she!

  6. Thanks, Nicky, for all your complements and kind words. I am so glad you liked your goodies! It was really fun to stalk and create for you. Enjoy them! And yes, Kat was a super Swap Mama-- she did a great job! Can't wait for the next swap (presumably after the holidays!)


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