Tuesday 22 November 2011

FMQ Tuesday!

Did I ever think I would get around to catching up with little green men again??


But here I am on what is supposed to be FMQ Friday but has slipped into FMQ Tuesday!  Why?  Because I was having a mad panic dash to finish my swap obligations amidst sick children and a hubby returning from a week in Japan and quite frankly something had to give !

So apologies to all those diligent FMQers and here are my efforts!  For last week!

I have already had a go at last week's pattern and found it rather a tricky one

But today I will conquer those little aliens - otherwise known as H2O!

2nd attempt is here!

The front...

The back...

And yes I am flaunting my Aurifil win because I used my precious green Aurifil 28 in the making of these samples.  Don't know if it is the thicker thread this time but it does look better!

Oh and yes I have felt tipped in a few cheeky faces - couldn't help it!  I am sure I wasn't the only person channelling Toy Story's little green men doing this one!

And to take it one step further....or maybe too far...

 As you know all little green men have four digits, three eyes, two antennae and a partridge in a pear tree - oops that is a different song!

Having fun with FMQ? - oh yes!  And now I'm off to join the party if I am not too late already!


  1. I love your FMQ, smiley faces, Aurifil thread (very jealous), and most of all your "I come in peace"! :)

  2. Love your FMQ - the last one is wonderful, think you should frame it!

  3. These made me smile this morning! I love the green thread with this pattern :) Your FMQ is looking great!

  4. Last little green man pic - too fab for words!

  5. Loving the alien..........it looks like he is visiting the Clangers but they are not in !! xxx Maybe the Soup Dragon is down that crater ???? xxxx

  6. And there was me expecting to see butt-cheeks on the reverse!!

  7. HAHAHAHAHA!! So funny Nicky! Love the aliens and that scene is so brilliant :) Do we get a little picture to go with the fmq each week now?! ;)

  8. LOL, great FMQ and a giggle inducing post! I love the alien pic - postcard?

  9. Oh Nicky!!! You are so silly :) Sorry to hear about the sick kiddos...that is not fun. BTW..I am a little less worried, it looks like I will be ready for the whole family on Thursday!

  10. OMG you make me laugh! You could frame some of your fun stuff and sell it as art. Honestly you do better stuff fooling about then most of us do when we are really, really trying!

  11. Your sense of humour is so original. Keep it up. FMQ looking awesome.

  12. you are way too clever!
    the little alien scene is gorgeous.

  13. Laughing at your little green aliens. You are a visionary! FANTASTIC. Hope your kiddos are better.


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