Monday 7 November 2011

To market, to market ...

Sorry to disappoint you if you thought this was a report from the quilt market....

Sorry to disappoint you if you thought you had seen the last of Rome...

But don't you just love the colours of nature...

Beautifully displayed at the Campo dei Fiori in Rome!

Now I know the Italian economy is not brilliant at the moment but to sell small fiascos...?  Wonder how much they are?....and whether they grow up into bigger ones?

And finally this photo is for Archie!  Can you see why?

Now if those colours don't inspire you I don't know what will!


  1. Wonderful, colorful photos!! I hope we see more of Rome. Watch out-- Archie may fall in love with that cute little pooch and then there'll be a long distance romance to deal with!

  2. Why can't we have markets like that? And I bet you Archie is in love and learning to bark in Italian right now! How do you say Ciao Bella, in dog speak?

  3. what beautiful photos. The colours are just amazing.
    Love those bootles! Think they should have stuck to the italian

  4. Perhaps I can swap some of my fiasco's for a couple of his!!!!
    Lovely colour inspiration.

  5. great pictures, its funny every time I walk thru the produce dept at our supermarkets I always think of fall quilts!
    how I wish we had markets like this here in my area.

  6. The colors are wonderful! And the dog checking out the merchandise is just adorable!

  7. I think that I would like a really large fiasco! And a market just like that.

    Pomona x

  8. Archie likes the look of the Italian 'lady' and he's very impressed that you thought to take a photo of her for him...he said she looks like a dog in control and who knows what she wants! And I think Ciao Bella goes something like 'little woof, wag your tail, flick your ears and sniff' *g*


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