Saturday, 19 November 2011

The alternative!

I have been focused and have been working on my alternative for the Modern Christmas tablerunner.  I have sewn the trees together, put the borders on and even started quilting.

It now looks like this....

I have just machine stitched around the trees and inner border so far...still lots to do before I can relax and wait by my postbox....!

What arrived in my postbox today?  A package I was quite excited about!  But it was neither a Brit Quilt Pillow Fight Cushion nor a Tablerunner.  

I have been buying this magazine when I see it in the shops....

It is quite fun and I have quite enjoyed looking at it!  In this issue I noticed a subscription offer that tempted me just a bit more than usual and so I succumbed and became a subscriber and today I received this... 

Fabric from The Makery in Bath!  Quite an assortment of colour, pattern and weight.  Just the sort of temptation I couldn't resist!


  1. Table runner is looking goooooood! Great post too! Jxo

  2. your table runner looks wonderful.
    what a lovely surprise package. I like that bundle with the sewing notions. Very different.

  3. Very fun postal day! Your table runner looks great! And the fabric bundle is awesome, I really like that top fabric and the dots!

  4. The table runner is fab, as is the fabric bundle but I am trying to avoid temptation. Trying really hard!

  5. Oh, I'm so behind on my blog reading! I need to go back to see why you're doing an alternative. I do love it, but I also loved the first one! and that fabric offer has got me tempted :) x

  6. I love this table runner, too-- but what was wrong with your first one (did you decide you wanted to keep it? Maybe I missed a post?) I'm not familiar with that magazine (being American and all-- perhaps I can look it up online and check it out)-- but scrumptious fabrics you received!

  7. everybody is raving about that magazine but I've never seen it available here. I bet it would cost an arm and a leg for me to subscribe to!
    As a reader, would it be worth it for me?

  8. Table runner is coming up a treat. Has your partner indicated a preference? The fabric seems more than enough justification to sign up, and the mag as well is a bit like icing!!!!

  9. Get quilting Mrs before you start on that lovely bundle!

  10. The runner is looking fabulous and your parcel contained lots of loveliness!

  11. The tablerunner looks brilliant! I love how you've done the trees. The fabric stash is yummy too :)


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