Wednesday 9 November 2011

Oops what happened to Tuesday!?

I have been happily blogging everyday since about April and now I have missed a day - yesterday!  So what happened?

Well I am beginning to get freaked out by the swaps I have taken on and was freezing up instead of getting on with it!

I showed you two options for a cushion design  - a Christmas tree on linen or on white....I could not wait impatient person that I am!   

Having said I preferred the white background I then went for the linen - the same as I included in the string panel for the other side!  I thought that in the end they would gel better - I am pleased wit the result but am feeling guilty for teasing so many of you into thinking you had a choice - sorry - normally I would follow a majority decision but in this case I didn't wait for the answer!  Hope you will forgive me!

Now I want to make this the side with the opening and incorporate that into the design - I hope I can achieve this with a nice finish!

I could describe the plan but a photo paints a thousand words so here is a mock up so far...

When I am finished there won't be any raw edges of course!  It is basically an envelope closure with buttons!  The pot and vintage buttons are on the underside of the envelope and the tree with buttonhole band are on the top .  

Now buttonholes are so not my thing - I avoid them even more than zips - hence I was thinking about a zip for the cushion and even bought one yesterday!  But something in me decided I had to give the buttonholes a try so I went looking for an alternative to the machine stitched buttonhole and I discovered tailored buttonholes!  Tada....

Can you see what I mean?  Basically you stitch a small piece of fabric to your main fabric, right side to right side in a letter box shape.  You then make the hole, clipping the corners on the diagonal.  You then stuff the small piece of fabric through the hole, press and top stitch - the middle one is my best attempt yet and I have lined just that one on the back ...It is the same method used for a set in pocket as you would find in your handbag lining or a man's tailored jacket

Now my challenge is to make a band of three buttonholes in exactly the right places so that my buttons can be placed at the diamond points  - easy right?  

Have to say precision has never been my thing before but it will have to be for this!  Am I mad?  I fear that I may be!


  1. Well, you've totally given me a headache! I used to be able to do machine buttonholes, but I've forgotten how. My new machine does automatic buttonholes, but I've not tried it yet.
    But the cushion is looking lovely, and I'm sure it'll be alright on the night, so to speak.

  2. Ooh looks tricky!

    I'm just doing the one swap, it's just me and one other, did you work out who I'm swapping with yet?

  3. Looks great! Good luck with the buttonholes!

  4. Good luck with those smart buttonholes - good choice on the linen, it's OK, you could have told everyone you went with MY choice! xxx

  5. Your cushion looks fantastic, and the linen was a good choice.
    I have a great button hole foot (my machine, not me) and it does automatic buttonholes. Best thing ever.

  6. Brilliant! I love this design for a cushion and well done on the buttonholes. Fancy- shmancy! ;o)

  7. Oh you cheeky thing, you'd already gone ahead with that backing! Love the idea of incorporating the opening into your design, best of luck with those button holes - I think my machine has a buttonhole function, I'd have to resort to that! x

  8. zips are one thing... buttonholes are another!! Terrifying! I have total faith that you will do it precisely and beautifully Nicky :)


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