Tuesday 4 October 2011

What no internet????

I was a bit late getting going this morning - usually I write my blogpost in the evening and take photos in the early morning to post around 8am British Time!

Well I was not quite sure what to write last night so I didn't - then I had to roust the children to get going for school this morning - well I thought never mind I have a small window after drop off!  

My small window of time was closed as when I got back I had no internet connection -  grrrrrr!

So instead I went to help set up a toddler group at our church which I do every Tuesday!  On the way there the traffic was delayed - temporary traffic lights and no sign of any work starting!  More grrrr!

But thankfully when I returned I managed to get on-line and write this drivel as I still haven't thought of what I really wanted to say - writer's block???

I have made an appointment to meet a shop owner tomorrow to discuss maybe making things for her shop - I was going to make some samples this weekend but it didn't quite happen, it still hasn't happened - what is wrong with me?

Nerves??  Perhaps!  But it'll be even worse if I have nothing to discuss don't you think?


  1. Young lady! Get right into that sewing room and make those samples!

    Come on :) It's such a great opportunity you have to jump on it...and I can't wait to see what you create!

  2. Cindy said it all really - get making your samples! You`ll do great.

  3. Okay Nicky. REGROUP. Go grab a coffee or tea or whatever your caffeine of choice is and get on it. Tut tut...

  4. Yes, get making, and don't come back until you have something worthwhile to show us! x

  5. Lesson number one in how to post about not having anything to post about. I might need that a bit further into Blogtoberfest!
    You certainly can't go without any samples! Go make some

  6. You have the talent to do this Nicky. Get some samples made and have courage and faith in yourself. Believe that you can do this. I know you can. So do all your other blogfriends.x

  7. What they all said - by now I am sure you have some made!!

  8. Oh Nicky, tell those nerves to get lost (or something a bit ruder), smile (it relaxes you) and sew to your heart's content. We all know you can do it and they will love your makes :)

  9. Take Little RedRiding Hood with you so she can see how talented you are!

  10. You have some super stuff that you could take. Sounds exciting prospect that's for sure!

  11. Good luck!! If she's got any sense she'll snap your hand off!


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