Thursday 13 October 2011

Visit to Swallows Brick Barn

After our visit to the Eternal Maker, Eloise and I went to a newly opened vintage - what shall I call it - emporium, I think!?

Drive down a lane into a rural Sussex setting on the Knepp Castle Estate and you find yourself here at a rustic barn adorned on the outside with bunting, ladders, watering cans, tables and carts, with peeling paint, in vintage colours

We were given an enthusiastic and friendly greeting by two of the nicest people you could ask for.  Lucy and Michelle are passionate about what they do and pick things they love and are actually loathe to part with ....more of that later.

They have a barn, brimming with clothes, furniture and smaller items for you to rummage through.  And while you are there you are invited to drink tea from a vintage cup of course and eat a piece of cake - not vintage thank goodness!  If you come on the right day - which we did, you may even be served a cup of Cava!  See our happy faces - and yes that is Cava in my cup!

Baby boots, crockery and old gardening books displayed on a table...

A Meltoy Supertype toy typewriter in vintage green for the girl who wanted to be a secretary....

They can be found at Swallows Lane, Dial Post, RH13 BNN in bricks and mortar or virtually at, and on Facebook they are here! but the experience of shopping in real life cannot be digitally reproduced.   You do not come into a shop, instead it feels like you enter the world of Lucy and Michelle and that is a very funny and a good, happy place to be!

Here are a few more pics of their world...old dressers, chairs and negligees...

Printed cotton nighties, crockery, imposing overmantel mirrors, white and blue tinware

A cotton shift, distressed cupboard, wooden rolling pin, jug, and bench

And this is what I brought back home  - on the table - one metal peg rail in peeling blue paint and a pale green towel rail.  As Michelle wrote the purchase in her accounts book she muttered something under her breath....

- the gist of it was that she rather fancied the item I was buying herself (it belonged to Lucy) !  That's how much these girls love what they are doing - they'd rather not part with any of it - but they do!  

Haven't laughed so much in a long time - thanks girls!

Have to get another of the peg daughter went off with that one!


  1. I wish I lived closer to that shop. I could spend hours browsing! What a great find.

  2. How cute! What a lovely excursion and a great shop! Wish I lived nearer so I could come too :)

  3. Looks like a great shop - think I could spend all day in there!

  4. Wish I had a barn like that, it's my dream..

  5. How can they bear to sell anything? I just want to move in!

  6. What an amazing shop - I think you were very restrained!

    Pomona x


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