Monday 31 October 2011

Fabrics from Sweden!

Look what came to me from the lovely Karin who I 'met' on Flickr through the Christmas Tablerunner Swap.  I posted a little block I had designed that I called a Danish Woven Heart - after a few comments it became apparent that the woven heart was common to Sweden and Norway too!

I told Karin that I also collect Dala horses and the next block I'd like to design would be a Dala horse.  Here is my little collection - the white one I got from my parents as a child...

Karin very kindly said she would send me some fabric with Dala horses on them and so she did!  My little chaps are either guarding or welcoming the new arrivals...

Isn't this gorgeous - I need to make a bag with these!  The big blue one definitely has a punk thing going on with his lovely red spiky hairdo.  And just look at that cute little braid with Dala horses!

Cannot say thank you enough Karin and just need to think of an appropriate local return package to send your way!   You can catch up with Karin at Karin pa Osater or at her photostream on flickr!


  1. Wow! That's so awesome! How nice of Karin :)

  2. Love the big horse the most! Fab of Karin to send you those fabrics and so glad you met her through the swap.

  3. Awwwww....those are seriously sweet! I love punk Dala!!!

  4. That's such a thoughtful thing to do - really looking forward to seeing what you make with them!

  5. Nice thing for her to do. You will have some fun with that fabric. I have a Dala horse to that I love.

  6. Be still my beating heart. How scrummy are they? Mum is going to Norway next week, i'll need to send her on a fabric hunt! I have an unpainted wooden horse, and prima recently showed how to make a felt one for the christmas tree, but you have a lovely collection.

  7. Cool fabrics! Isn't it fun to make connections like that all because of this crazy internet?


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