Thursday 6 October 2011

2nd parcel arrived!

My second parcel from the Goodie Swap has safely arrived and what a long way it had to come - all the way from Long Beach California!  Thank you Zina for sending me such lovely goodies.  Look at that exciting tissue paper!

I have a cute mugrug which will certainly remind me of that Californian sunshine.  Zina has added some beautiful quilting in a variegated thread which really adds a special dimension to it.  One of the fabrics even has a little sparkle to it!  

With it came some Skittles - need to hide those from the kids or be prepared to share;  2 lovely fabrics and what looks like a cute little purse .....

...which opens out to a shopping bag - that is going straight in my handbag! She was very kind as she included instructions on how to fold it back up again - thank goodness! - as I had opened it up without paying too much attention!

Thank you Zina I am very pleased with your gifts and your shopper will have a lot more travelling to do!  I will think of your Californian sunshine in the sometimes miserable weather we have in Blighty and think happy thoughts!


  1. What a lovely second package. The shopping bag looks like an interesting design.

  2. fantastic! love the quilting on the mug rug..
    Nifty purse/bag.

  3. Fantastic parcel - love the look of the shopping bag!

  4. Nicky you really get some great goodies! That fold-up shopping bag rocks. California Sunshine...ha... As a US East Coaster that made me snort. ;)

  5. I love Zina's stuff! The little bags are fantastic and the sunny mug rug would brighten up a UK day in no time. Now that fluffy sheep absolutely rocks.

  6. Love the goodies in your second swap parcel. If your kids are anything like mine, they realize swap buddies like to include sweets, so hide those Skittles well!

  7. I'm so happy you are enjoying the goodies, Nicky. I am in the midst of making a large orange quilt and your mug rug gave me the perfect opportunity to try out the fancy thread. I'm definitely going to use it on the quilt!

    @Cindy - I've always had a special affection for fluffy sheep for some reason. I've had the notecards for some time, and even painted white fluffy sheep (with one black sheep wearing an eye patch) on the walls of our baby room. Sadly, the children grew up and the sheep got covered up with pink and teal.


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