Saturday 15 October 2011

Scrappy Swap!

I joined Kat's Scrappy Swap (Flickr Group here!) full of excitement and anticipation !

I have posted a photo on Flickr of the scraps I am sending and some people have commented favourably!

I have now finished making the goodies to go with.  Well I said I was going to make a postcard of London - but got cold feet about whether that would go down with my partner or not - she didn't ask for 50's art in solids!

She likes small florals so I searched my scraps for them 

and then saw Ayumi's tutorial as part of the 12-gifts-of-christmas-blog-hop to make a long fabric organiser basket for cutlery, crayons or even cotton perle.  It looked easy enough and it was.  Only problem - it wasn't scrappy!

I got out a piece of paper and did some string piecing then realised I could have sewn it straight onto the wadding - duh!  But no matter it was just an extra step I could have missed out!   

I chose to use a binding on the top to increase the scrappiness rather than sew right sides face to face and turn out as the tutorial suggested.  I also top stitched down the short sides (suggested by Ayumi for extra sturdiness) and also along the bottom to increase the boxiness of it.

So here it is small floral scrappiness inside in blue and green with hints of red and yellow and then yellow and blue flowers on a red background on the outside, bound in another red fabric!

And here are some things you can fit inside it...

7 reels of cotton perle.....

20 + colouring pencils....

cutlery for your table...

The 12 days of Christmas tune is going through my head at this point...hehe!

Another little goodie will be sneaking in as a bit of kitschy fun as suggested by my partner in all things swappy Helen (aka Archie the wonderdog ).  She told me to do it partner!  Honest!

But I kinda like it - weird huh!  Well partner you should have a well dressed bottle at your table. 

Now the original tutorial was for your washing up liquid bottle - but as I don't know what size yours is I made it to fit a wine bottle as they are fairly standard in size worldwide!  I hope it fits whichever bottle you decide to decorate and that you appreciate our (Helen and my) sense of humour!

I used some of the fabrics from the basket for vertical stripes like a butcher's apron and a navy polka dot on white for the reverse.  The straps and ties are made of a cute braid in green with white daisies on...hope you like it!  

On your wine bottle it may help drips from landing on your table - I think this could really become the fashion for bottles this year don't you?  Haha!

Bottle says:  Does my bum look big in this??

And I have carefully taken a photo in my kitchen which doesn't show the mess but does show my love of green - love that green glass splashback! 

Phew! 2 swaps down - two and a bit to go!  Got to crack on....


  1. Yummy fabrics, and i love the Christassy basket, a great idea

  2. Love the scrappy basket and the wine bottle apron is inspired...I can see you starting a whole new trend ;o)
    P.S. Love the green splash back!!

  3. I love it, and I love all the uses you show for the basket. Well done on some original (and funny) ideas.

  4. Your basket looks great! And those aprons are too funny!

  5. I feel like someone has spiked my cup of tea!!!

  6. I love the small floral scraps. Can I be your partner?

  7. love your swap fabrics!
    your little basket and bottle apron are too cute. I am sure your swap partner will love them.
    I think that apron is very slimming too! Must be the vertical stripes. hehe

  8. My little girl could use a bottle apron, her milk bottle gets all condensation becuase she loves it so cold!

  9. Hee hee, the wine apron is just inspired!

  10. Hahahaha! Love the wine apron!

  11. hahaha brilliant! I love that basket too. I'm definitely going to try to make some. I'd still like to see that soldier on something!! Do you accept the challenge??! :)

  12. Great post (good humor) and lovely goodies for your swap partner. I'm still working on my re-do for my partner-- but I'm much happier with how its turning out this time. As always, I'm so impressed with your productivity!! I think your partner will be very pleased.

  13. Nicky, your basket has so many more nice features than the original tutorial called for and I am loving the way you made yours so much! I'll have to copy the scrappy idea and sewing scraps onto batting.
    The apron for the wine bottle is to die for! I would love to have several of them in a different colors to fancy up my kitchen!

  14. love it - "does my bum look big in this?" great stuff x


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