Thursday 20 October 2011

Pretty Puffy Pouch!

Thanks for all your kind comments celebrating that fantastic win I had on 
Lily's Quilts.  When I came back down to earth I just had to make this....

from Ayumi's  puffy pouch tutorial at Pink Penguin - if I am honest I have to say this is the hardest of Ayumi's tutorials I have tried so far but not because it is badly written - no, no! 

First of all I found the linen less forgiving - I had to remove a few stitches and the holes were showing - eek!    

Also, as I didn't have the right size of flexi opening, I went for the velcro finish which meant my stitches were showing on the top of the purse and they were not as nice as I would have liked.  When I do this again - which I will - I will use the flexi opening thing and avoid the need for stitches.  But if I were to use velcro again I think I would use a patterned fabric for the top part!

I need to try out some more of these delightful tutorials at Pink Penguin as they are extremely well written with lots of photos so easy to follow....but she is one clever and very precise stitcher so all her things look fabulous - mine I think less so...but with practice I will improve!

This little pouch is going on a journey with my scrappy swap items, instead of the little fabric basket - just something my partner mentioned made me change my here is the final package

Now you will have to excuse me as I have two swaps to stress least until I start sewing!


  1. Love the puffy pouch and the tag is such a lovely touch - your partner is very lucky to be receiving such a fabulous parcel!

  2. I love the puffy pouch! The tag is just adorable!

  3. Nicky, I'm so sorry to hear it turned out to be a hard project. It looks absolutely fine. I don't think your partner will notice a single stitching hole! Thank you so much for your sweet sweet words though! *blush*! You are spoiling me!

  4. oh my gosh Nicky that is beautiful - it does look complicated but you certainly mastered it!! Beautiful

  5. That tag is so cute! Great puffy pouch...your partner is going to LOVE it I am sure. And, I've been behind in reading lately, so CONGRATS on winning the Aurifil. I am so jealous...sigh...maybe there will be some Aurifil in my Christmas stocking? ;)

  6. I love the bag - looks pretty good from here!

    Pomona x

  7. Ooh I really love those pouches!


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