Wednesday 12 October 2011

Not quite so mad after all...

That goat fabric did make me wonder - appropriately - if I had not seen a similar image in my childhood.  After a bit or research on the net!

Here is the Kokka goat fabric I bought at the Eternal Maker.  I have opened it up and now you can see all the little goaty scenes...

I think she is quite creative - don't you?

Here is the picture from my childhood

Phew not living in my own little dreamworld yet - but through the looking-glass. I think everyone was a little bit mad there!  Weren't they???  Think I'd fit right in and feel at home - how about you?


  1. Totally. lol Love that goat print!

  2. The Kokka print reminds me of Richard Scarry books I used to read as a child.

  3. Yes, of course!! Now you've set me off wondering about my favourite book as a small child - it was in my house more than it was in the library...if only I could remember the title!

  4. What a clever goat being able to use a sewing machine. We went to Lanzarote one year and walked up in the hils where we came across a goatherd and hundreds of goats all with a very loud windy problem mingled in with little tinkling bells around their necks,so funny. Your goat looks most refined.

  5. Absolutely - I would fit in,!!!

  6. Absolutely - I would fit in,!!!

  7. I think that those goats, fussy cut, some solids and some white would make a fabulous children's quilt!!

  8. Spooky........I rather like the goats.

  9. I would absolutely fit in! That book cracks me up :)
    I'm also Capricorn and a goat in the Chinese calendar so I'm ALL about goatiness!!


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