Monday 3 October 2011

Come into the garden, Maud!

An old song but you are actually invited in whatever your name is....

I started this blog with the idea of devoting some posts to my garden but since May I haven't written a single word about it!  Now I guess this is not too surprising as the best times in my garden are Spring and Autumn and since Spring there has been quite a lot of sewing going on! 

So here's Autumn in my garden without the quilts...

I thought I was going to show you the leaves turning but found so many flowers that  I will keep those for another post!

For those who like to know we have:  self sown Verbascum, gorgeous Cyclamen, Japanese Anemone, a Scabious and lastly the rather weird looking Pheasantberry!

Hope you enjoyed my little tour - there will be another one later in the week!

Now I have some sewing I need to get on with or what will I show you tomorrow?


  1. Gorgeous flowers!! Don't suppose you fancy coming and sorting out my garden do you?!! Am over run with dandelions and buttercups!

  2. What a beautiful place! I'd love to take a little calming walk in your back garden.

  3. Pretty! I've been thinking of another gardening post too but keep forgetting/running out of time!

  4. Enjoy all the unseasonal sunshine in your pretty garden while it lasts. Hope you took your sewing outside.

  5. Very nice! I need to go to the nursery to get some bulbs before it gets too late :) Thanks for the tour!

  6. Love the colours in your Autumn garden!

  7. Dear Nicky, I did enjoy your little tour! That violet flower is gorgeous! I sure don't have many flowers left in my garden. But the autumn leaves keep me happy! Have a beautiful day!

    Love, Kristin

  8. Isn't it great to have flowers so late on?

  9. Oh thank you - we have Pheasantberry too, and now I know what it is - hubby will be so impressed!

  10. beautiful flowers, love that last one so unique!
    thanks for sharing
    the colors are really starting to change here.
    I love the fall...its all about those colors :)


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