Monday 24 October 2011

Playing with fabric for Christmas and a safe arrival

[Linking this post to Shay's Favourite Things Friday! - for the sumptuous win of Aurifil thread and the little Scandinavian woven heart block I have designed myself!]

Today I took my youngest round to her friend this morning and look what was waiting for me on my return!

How did I stay so calm as I opened it up and feasted on the glory inside!?  Colour, colour and more colour - that's how to make me happy!  

Now the weight of this stash of glorious thread is the 28 which is recommended for hand quilting, decorative embroidery and topstitching.  This will be fun to try out!  I do all of these!

I also have a couple of spools of variegated 40 weight thread picked up at the Festival of Quilts which is recommended for machine quilting, general use, and decorative applique.  And Lynne previously sent me a spool of Mako 12 which is for Sashiko, and hand embroidery...I do all this too!

As you can see I am set up for lots of play with colour and thread and I will report back on all aspects of this bounty in a little while.  

But most importantly I thank Lynne @ Lily's Quilts and the handsome Signor Aurifil, Alex Veronelli for this handsome prize!

In the meantime I have also been playing with fabric...

Two little asterisk blocks - which may be a tablerunner or cushion or quilt!?

And a smaller cuter version of my own design  (at least I haven't copied anyone else's) of the woven heart which are found (thanks Benta) in Norway (thanks Karin) in Sweden as well as Denmark!  So I guess it is a Scandinavian Woven Heart!

I am really loving this version in aqua, a supercute print which Helen (aka Archie the wonderdog) sent me and a neutral linen!   I will probably add the frame back in but at the moment this block measures 5.5" square and the other one a massive 10" block - both the unfinished size!

I have lots to do and it would seem I am being encouraged to finish my first version of the tablerunner - so I will do that, but I think I need to do more hearts and asterisk blocks too!

What's keeping you busy??


  1. OMG! I have been dying to try some Aurifill thread! Lucky you!

  2. Well you really hit the jackpot this time. I know you will make good use of the beautiful thread.

    Aurifil is the thread that my dog loves best. She always finds a spool and chews it. She does like Gutermann's but prefers Aurifil!

  3. Eeek!! How fast did you run to get your camera?! The thread looks great and the weight is perfect for you - you're going to have so much fun! Love the woven heart (the print looks fabulous with the aqua and linen!

  4. How cute is that heart?! and the thread....ooooo I'm envious!

  5. what a glorious package!
    I love that heart even more than the red and white. The fabrics are just lovely. Well done!

  6. Look at that package of happiness! You're bound to create something beautiful with that fab, fab thread :)

    I really dig your aqua/floral heart. That's super cute!

  7. What a whopping old suitcase of loveliness!
    Liking the hearts, but finish the snowscape!

  8. Oh my goodness, all that thread is enough to make me giddy! I can't imagine how joyous you must have been when you opened the box. I adore your woven heart block. Very clever and very sweet in the color palette you picked.

  9. I'm speechless at the loveliness of the threads. And the "Scandanavian" heart is pretty darn yummy too!

  10. yummy thread! That heart is gorgeous, I can't wait to see more of them :)

  11. Cute heart blocks! They look great! Have fun with your new toys! Jxo

  12. Wow! Fabulous prize!!! You will have so much fun with this. I love the Danish/Scandinavian Heart!

  13. well just how lucky are you!!!!!
    I love your new blocks, I have wanted to play with them too,!

  14. Lucky you. That heart is really cute.

  15. Wishing I was playing with thread and fabric! Fabulous favorites! Happy FTF ☺

  16. Oooh la la ...Im dribbling all over my keyboard just looking at all that beautiful thread and imagining the possibilities.

    Very very cute blocks there Nicky!

  17. Lovely, I'm looking forward to trying some Aurifil thread. Those colours look wonderful.

  18. Wow what a fabulous win! I love your woven heart block too :-)

  19. Congrats on your winnings! As I was an ante up for that grab too, it's nice to bump into one of the winners.


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