Sunday 23 October 2011

Do you like a Danish?

I am thinking of some other directions for that Christmas tablerunner swap..

This is a more graphic option for my partner if she likes it...a Danish woven heart, traditionally in red and white but I could do other colours...?

A tablerunner of hearts down the centre? 

All red and white?

Different colours?  Aqua and white, lime and white, purple and white...?

This green background - a bit bright for me really - but it could be something more neutral...?  Natural linen, grey for that Scandinavian feel, a more muted shade of green

So many choices...but am I heading in the right direction?


  1. I love this idea too! Good luck choosing!

  2. I do like the heart, but I really liked the wintery scene you had earlier. Loved the little raindeer :)

  3. Oooh did 'she' not like the other one?? I think the hearts could be OK, but not loving them so much - but they aren't for me, so I'll shut up!

  4. Lovely, might have to steal that one!

    If it were me, I would like the red/white/linen combo.


  5. I love these. I think of them as Norwegian though LOL. We make them (the 3D version) every year for the christmas tree. My Great Aunt sent me some that have about 12 strips in each colour, I only have the patience to go as far as 5 or 6. (thinking out load now ... would they work in felt? i have only used paper)

  6. do like those hearts - I prefer the applique you had before but these are really lovely too. aqua and white for me please!

  7. I loved your christmas runner!
    This heart is beautiful too. I would like it with the grey linen look background. It does look festive with the green though.

  8. I like this and I like what you've already done too! Now I'm confused!

  9. Your first runner was perfect. The heart is sweet but I loved the appliqué runner. Just my preference.

  10. this is traditional - and it'd look fab on a linen background. i love your scene runner the best though

  11. love the block and the idea of a runner, but i agree a more muted green or hmmm natural linen would be beautiful


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