Friday 21 October 2011

Tablerunner Time!

If I am not to incur the wrath of my friend Susan and the disappointment of my dear partner then I need to get started on my Christmas Table runner...

I had the idea of using a book I have had for a long time - I had originally thought it was for a wall hanging and was surprised to find out that it was for a full-size quilt!  At that time I had not quite worked up to quilt size so it has sat on my bookshelf waiting patiently till yesterday!

I got it out, brushed it down and opened the pages for the umpteenth time but this time I have cut out some fabric, lain the fabric on various backgrounds, swapped some fabrics around, cut out some others and come up with this simplified, miniaturised version....

Be honest what do you think?

Too much?  Too little?  Too many colours?  Not enough?  Too dotty perhaps? Any features you do not like??  

I was thinking of adding a simple red [edit : or maybe aqua] border as there is already quite a lot of green and quite a lot going on!

Well at least I have started on one project - though I may need to think again

But now I do need to start on a cushion or two.....

PS those funny looking things with bits of paper are going to be reindeer and will get legs and antlers once they are stitched down - too skinny a piece of fabric and it gets chewed up so I stitch and then cut what I don't want away...



  1. I too have had this book for many years and still like it.

    Love what you are doing.


  2. I think it is looking great and am glad you said that about the reindeer because I didn't want to have to tell you they looked like polar bears with antlers!! Never seen ankles like that on a poor reindeer! I think it is going to look brilliant, Nicky, and having a good colourful border will set it all off really well.

  3. Absolutely love it!!! it is gorgeous.

  4. Love this plan! It's ok, I knew they were reindeer - ignore Susan ;o) Love all the dots!

  5. Looks great - I reckon scrappy or patterned border as there is a great mix in the runner xx

  6. I love it and I love the dots too :) I think a scrappy border would look great!

  7. I think it looks great! Another color would be good - a bit of red or blue? So far, you're totally on the right track :)

  8. Like the idea of the aqua border but a very narrow border of red will really set it off. It all looks good to me. Reminds me that I need to dust mine off and finish it this year. Ahem?!!

  9. I love it!! A border would definitely be great, too. Look forward to the finish!

  10. Oooo this looks cute! can't wait to see those reindeer in the flesh, so to speak! x

  11. Brilliant Nicky. Your partner will love you like the rest of us do.


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