Friday 28 October 2011

In which I bought fabric and sewed!

I told you I bought some fabric when I went for my workshop - I was thinking of fabrics to make into my little Scandinavian woven heart blocks and here they are...

They may not all get made into hearts but at least I have some choice now of fabrics with the right sort of feel to them...for the light Scandi look!  Actually I should have looked at Tilda fabrics - they would have been exactly right..duh!

Now I have been getting on with my swaps - one side of the Brit Quilt cushion is completed.  Time to turn my attention to the tablerunner....but what to do? My partner is the quiet sort so I am left guessing and floundering or listening to those who do comment.  I have listened and have made progress with my little snowy landscape as you can see....

Everything is stitched down now as or very close to my original layout!

But are they bears or reindeer now Susan!?

A few close-ups!

Yes I have FMQed  some of the trees! 

Now I am thinking I should have some quilted smoke coming out of the chimney?  A few lines to denote the snowy landscape?  And FMQ detail on all the trees?

Obviously it needs a border - I am inclined to have a narrow red border followed by a scrappy one in the colours I have used in the scene!

Then I will need to find a backing fabric and quilt it all together...

But I am listening to other suggestions if you have any?

Hope you still like it people and that my partner does too ....but shhh!  I think she is sleeping!


  1. very sweet fabrics.
    I still think your runner looks great!

  2. I love your fabrics! And the table runner is looking very Christmas-y...ho,ho,ho!!!

  3. I love bears with antlers, they just want to get in on the Christmas spirit!

    Have you FMQ'd a horizon? Chimney smoke would be good. And if you were really adventurous, footsteps?

    Perle cotton a couple of shooting stars? Or one glowing Xmas one?

    I am going overboard here, but I'm not making it!!

  4. That is so great! Love the FMQ trees!

  5. It looks great and I love all of Hadley's ideas! A Star of Bethlehem could be nice...maybe in metallic thread?!


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