Sunday 9 October 2011

Spools workshop - the outcome!

What a fun day I had at the Spools Workshop with Carolyn Forster and in the company of other lovely ladies!

Carolyn led us through the intricacies of set in seams as though they were nothing to worry about and I think I can say that for the most part they were not! 

Everyone was sewing on machine except for me - always the awkward one - but I prefer not to carry around a heavy machine unless I really have to!

I took Emily's lovely little needlecase with me and the charming Helen sitting next to me recognised it as she was in the Goodie Swap too!  How cool is that!
Her Flickr photostreams is heenjanei! and she has also joined in Susan's Christmas tablerunner swap! 

She doesn't have a Blog YET???? does she Helen?  But I would urge her to jump in and join in the fun!  If you can help her think of a good blog name I am sure that might help!  Say hi to her - she really is good fun and her fabric is lovely!

Also linked up with two lovely ladies who work or live in Horsham so we may meet up I hope at my house and really any nice lady in the area is welcome - just leave a comment so I can get back to you (include email or some other contact detail if you have no blog)!  We can meet and stitch and chat....  I may even tidy up a bit before you come....

Anyway here are some photos from the workshop - 

First of all of Carolyn's quilts....

This one was what to do if you don't fancy doing all 81 blocks - make big borders...of course

This one used a Jelly roll of William Morris prints by Barbara Brackman with all background fabric the same....

This one was truly scrappy - thirties, mixed with modern and whatever...but a beautiful quilt with lots of interest - I liked it best!  It was quilted by hand and with the lovely all over pattern Baptist/Amish Fan or elbow quilting or any other variant it is known by!  But gorgeous beyond a doubt!

And just in case you make too many blocks Carolyn likes to make a nice big pincushion!  It is almost a pincushion she does per quilt!

Carolyn also showed us other samples with small sections of a spools quilt (9 blocks in each) which she was outline quilting.  She will then piece each quilted section together with the quilt as you go method.  Great if you want to keep working on your quilt when you are out and about.

Now onto our blocks - these were made by Helen's mum - Jane, I'm thinking - do correct me if I'm wrong for her grandson....

These belonged to the lovely lady sitting on my right and I'm sorry I haven't written down your name - these are Tanya Wheelan fabrics for her daughter ...leave a comment please and let me edit in your name (so embarassing)

Helen's blocks - love those bold graphic prints

These are by Margarita who did brilliantly on her first patchwork course doing inset seams no less!

Next are
 Brenda's delightfully zesty blocks - that colour scheme would look great in my dining room - I did tell her but maybe she will come and see for herself!

And finally mine....all solids except for the print in the centre.  


I was trying to focus less on the spool shape itself and see what patterns would emerge....time will tell with a few more blocks.

Still got my visit to the Eternal Maker to come and all my goodies to reveal plus a visit to a vintage barn and one of the maddest but most delightful shopping experiences I have ever had....?


  1. Nicky the blocks are great....I really love them and tell Helen that the reds and blacks look great...and Yes she needs a blog.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Sounds like it was a really sociable, but productive day - some fab blocks, especially like Helen's fabric choice.

  4. Looks like you had fun, can't wait to hear about your visit to the Eternal Maker too.

  5. Lovely post SS, there are going to be some super quilts from this workshop. The shopping trips sound good. Your blocks in the plain solids remind me of Victorian floor tiles.

  6. That sounds like such a fun class! And how cool to meet so many fun ladies? Everyone's blocks look great. Love that zesty color scheme, so I think we need pics of your dining room!

  7. Looks like a great class but how cool to meet people who recognise you from goodies you received for online swaps. I love that and nice that you met Helen and she is one of our swap buddies. I like that even more!!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful class and I love that real life and blog/Flickr life collided!! Tell Helen she needs a blog - if she needs a nudge she's sitting next to the right person! You got an impressive amount done in a day - your blocks are fabulous!

  9. I love a Spool block! Nice to see all the different variations.

  10. Oh that looked fab - quashing my fears that you guys aren't actually real!

  11. They all look great! I love the scrappy one too :) It's so nice seeing all the different fabrics and the various patterns they create. I'd love to do a workshop like this! Looks like fun :)

  12. I adore your spool quilt in mostly solids. That's a cool idea. All the quilts are such fun and have their own personality. You go to such neat classes. Thanks for sharing all these inspiring quilts-in-progress.

  13. I love spools and have yet to try them. Yours are looking great.

  14. Super! I love yours! It seems like you had a great time - love that you had great folks in your class :)

  15. I have been handpiecing little bow ties, very similar to spool block. I guess I will try my hand at a few spools now. Love the little spool pin cushion and the scrappy/fan quilted quilt.

    Hey, if you have trouble finishing a large project, then make some little ones. That is what I do.

  16. Love that spool pin cushion, which is super cute. Love the different takes on the quilts too and amazing how one design brings such varying results.

  17. Ooo the needlecase's fist outing! And the fact that it was recognised was MEGA cool!

  18. Inset seams, no less! Particularly love yours, Helen's and Brenda's fabrics...shame I'm not a bit nearer for a sewing meeting up! x

  19. Loved this post. Lots of yummy eye candy.

  20. Such lovely spools! You are very brave to use solids - they look great. I'm piecing spool blocks by hand, too, and I'm really enjoying it. Look forward to your next post.

  21. Oh what a fantastic day! These are all wonderful in their own unique way! I really love spools now having read your post! well done. xxx

  22. love all those clever combinations of fabrics. They are all fantastic.


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