Wednesday 26 October 2011

The V.E.T and a drafting blocks workshop!

Busy day taking cat to the V.E.T! for her jabs and a drafting skills workshop this pm!

My Saffy is suspicious by nature - I think she can read my mind!  When I tried to usher her into the kitchen she knew something was up and despite the offer of treats was most reluctant to come anywhere near me.  She just knows I am up to something!  Did get her bundled into her box and she meowed with folorn gusto in the car - then she didn't want to get out of the box !  Well she is jabbed and wormed and deflea-ed so we can forget that palaver for a while and go back to being friends - phew!

This pm I am abandoning the kids to hone some drafting skills -I hope to be able to make blocks any size I like - well that is the theory anyway!

I will share any tips I glean of course!  And there may even be time for a little bit of shopping.....??

In the meantime I was playing with my leftovers from yesterday and made this wonky shape which seems to be asking me to make it into a Christmas tree pincushion for my Brit Quilt partner.  It just needs a trunk or tub on the bottom and a bit of stuffing!  

And thanks for all your encouragement yesterday I really do appreciate it!

A bit more confident and ready to just get on with it!


  1. Isn't playtime great! This will make a cute pincushion. Jxo

  2. v cute tree shape! Your cat reminds me of one of ours - Poppy she can sense as soon as you even think about the vet and is usually v affectionate but takes a huff if you take her to vet, disappears for days!!! she is quite the character x

  3. Oh, cats, cars and Vets, never a good combination.

    Can't wait to see the pin cushion, it's going to be very cute!

  4. I've been looking forward to you going on the drafting course - can't wait to hear all about it! Glad the V.E.T. visit went ok - has she forgiven you yet?! Love the idea of the pincushion, another great idea!!

  5. The tree looks great - look forward to hearing about your new skills!

  6. That pincushion will be cute! Can't wait to hear more about your class. Sounds fun!

  7. I thought the cat was going to the drafting workshop? lol
    Your little tree is sweet. the fabrics are lovely.
    Your cushion block is going to look great! I like the second pic better. SOme lovely greens there.

  8. He he, love the bonus tree! Have fun on the workshop. I'm going to one on Saturday - very excited!


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