Tuesday 11 October 2011

Purchased at the Eternal Maker!

I have been keen to visit Chichester and the Eternal Maker bricks and mortar shop since I visited their booth at the Festival of Quilts.  Why has it taken so long?    Well my dear friend Eloise or I had something on just about every time we tried to get together and go on this outing so it has been postponed a few times!

Never mind we got there and this is what we found!

A bit unprepossessing, I thought, but it seemed to be the correct address!  My mother used to tell me not to judge a book by it's cover and this is true about  this shop because look what it is like inside!

There were apologies from staff as a lot of the fabrics - particularly new and Christmas ones had gone to the Knit & Stitch Show at Alexandra palace!  I hadn't noticed an empty feeling and wondered where on earth they would house any more...

Well here are the bits I picked up....

Those two dark prints are actually a rich plum colour - not showing true on my screen...Something Christmassy this way comes...

Strangely drawn to that goat! - No Eloise couldn't understand it either!  Not sure I do, but I think it reminds me of an illustration from Alice Through the Looking Glass...where a sheep had a wool shop, or was that a dream...?

Top right I am using as the centre of my spool blocks!  Couldn't pass those others by...

Then two Japanese scrap packs with a variety of different prints

And the next day at the Quilt room I picked up these - my cutter was not working well so I needed a new blade as I will need nice cuts for the Christmas fabric swap, the ruler is for a friend and the rest is to practice a few more machine applique ideas...

Helen sorry to keep you waiting so long...


  1. lovely buys there!
    I love the quilt book. It looks very interesting!
    I think you were dreaming about that goat. lol

  2. Thanks for the virtual quilt shop tour. Always fun, but particularly so with such a nice shop.

  3. I would call that a very successful day out! And the goat is cute but it will be interesting to see how you use him in your sewing.

  4. Great haul. I had some of that polka dot linen...used it in a mini quilt back though so it's just a memory. Oh and I think your christmas colours are very very classy!

  5. Lots of lovely things there!

    Pomona x

  6. Nice shopping trip you had and love the Japanese goodies. I have been looking at my Japanese books this morning they are full of ideas for using small scraps of fabric. The hard part is choosing which pattern to do (apart from understanding the instructions if you don't speak japanese).

  7. oh boy oh boy oh boy I'm really envious... I'd love to go there... I'd love to leave there with a bounty like that!! (love the goats) and the Japanese scrap bag? Whatcha doing with that ;-) lol

  8. I love the look of the shop! And your fabric finds are fabulous! I can't wait until Freya and Fred is available here....I want that book :) Looks like you and Eloise had fun!

  9. Love the wee goat! Have fun with all those yummies. Jxo

  10. Your fabric finds are so fun. Love that goat! I can see why you liked him! The Japanese prints are fun, too. We don't have those in my area so I have to pick them up on the internet or at quilt shows.

  11. I love the simplicity of the outside of the shop and all those goodies inside!! Nice picks Nicky :)

  12. Isnt EM wonderful, a real Aladins cave! (They had loads of stuff at Alexandra Palace too)! If i hadnt looked for them on Google street view i would have driven right past!

  13. It was well worth the wait!! Love everything you got but the plum and grey dots are especially nice! Also like the goat and am not sure why...


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