Sunday, 5 June 2011

Old Quilt Books - but new to me 3!

This is another post about some second hand books I bought by Jan Halgrimson from Abebooks (previous posts relating to them here and here)

I think this book is my favourite of the three, 'Scraps Can Be Beautiful, a collection of over 100 quilt patterns suitable for using scraps'.  There are just so many beautiful blocks here and the more I look at and make quilts the more I seem to be attracted to the scrappy kind as I can pack more fabrics in and lots of colour.

Some of my favourites (so far) are here below:

I think this could look absolutely stunning with the right colour combination although Jan notes that it isn't really a beginner's block despite the name.

another tricky one - lots of bits and curves too but look at those gorgeous tulips - one to aim for I'm thinking! 

I liked the simplicity of this one as there is only one piece for block and border but I think this one could sing with the right light/dark fabrics!


And lastly I have picked out this one as Jan says it is perfect for a beginner!  I don't know it and it looks like it would make other patterns too when blocks are joined together, which is fun! 

These are not the only ones I like but an overview of some I do not recognise that interest me. 

Unlike the previous book I looked at, Patching Things Up, these blocks only come in one size although I'm sure the majority could be re-drafted if required.  There are also several pieced blocks to be appliqued onto a background square or circle and some applique blocks too.

As ever I have found interesting and varied blocks in Jan's books, certainly ones I do not know.  It will be a while before I can get started on one of these unless it is just to try it out. 

But which one would you start with?  

And do you have any favourite old quilt books I should be looking for?



  1. They are all really interesting blocks. Cottage Tulips does look delicious but I think it would be extremely demanding, matching curves and points! That is a great book. I would love to see more of the old blocks, they are intriguing. I think I have never seen most of these blocks, even on old quilts. Perhaps it's because they is such intricate piecing.

  2. I have just ordered the V&A book from their exhibition last year - not an old book, but full of old quilts I hope - can't wait to receive it. I am still at the stage of simple right angles I think!

    Pomona x

  3. I love that tulip block....wouldn't that look sweet with an entire quilt of those? Great books, Nicky!


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