Monday, 13 June 2011

In a galaxy far, far a quilt!

(Sorry if you are fed up of seeing this one but I was on a roll here...)

After sewing all those completed star blocks onto the galaxy quilt I still had a few diamonds ready cut out.  

I could not make a star out of one or even two of the remaining fabrics - but three or four would make a star so these latest ones are scrappy indeed.  And do you know what?  I think I like them best of all!  

My galaxy is full up now and so I got it layered and basted ready to be made into a quilt at last.... but what did I use for the back of the quilt?  Well it was quilt UFO number 14 which you haven't seen yet......!  Until now ....

I made this quilt top at the same time as the lone star and out of the same recycled fabric.  I had intended to make two quilts for twin beds but decided they go together so well I would just put them back to back!  And the other attraction was one quilt less....makes my target easier to hit I hope. 

I did have to add the piano key border top and bottom but I think it looks good - haven't tried one of those but I know Bonnie Hunter likes them a lot and do you know what?  I do too! 

May the Quilting Force be with you!



  1. How many UFOs do you still have lurking in a dark cupboard somewhere?!? By the way, I love the backing quilt top. And the two of them are great together.

  2. oh I love this quilt
    it just says comfort to me!
    I like piano key borders too, I need to make another one soon.

  3. You are amazing!
    They are just perfect for each other.
    Well done!
    It is going to be a super quilt.

  4. I love a piano key border! What a great idea to use the other quilt as the backing....but I can't get over how many quilt tops you have! You are amazing! I love the old fabrics they just look so warm and lived it!

  5. Woo-hoo! Two quilts in one! I love them both!!

  6. Nanou, nanou,(remember Mork and Mindy?) Love the Lone Star and the little scrappy stars and what a great use of another UFO to put it on the back. Two for the price of one. You go girl.

  7. I too love the piano key border and I love how you call this the galaxy quilt. Very fitting with the smaller stars surrounding the larger one. I also liked how you made the backing so creative!

  8. Love very much the back and idea ! XO


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