Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Being economical with economy blocks

Scraptastic Tuesday

When announcing #scraptastictuesday winners last month I showed you this quilt top I made from 41 economy blocks.  

I was being economical with the blocks by making them into stars with an alternate snowball block, made from the cut off triangles left over from other blocks. 

I was even more stingy by adding lots of negative space around them.

I actually love the look this gave me, all because I didn't want to fussy cut more economy blocks.  Sometimes it pays dividends to think outside the box.

Anyway I quilted it with a serpentine stitch in vertical lines.  It is a look I have often seen but never followed up on.  Well I'm so glad I did as the texture this gives is amazing!   It does shrink it up somewhat so this quilt that was a bit small is even smaller now, but very snuggly.

I used up the last of a pink floral fabric that I had on the back and went with a yellow gingham binding cut on the bias as I love the effect that gives though I didn't actually want the stretchiness.

And so here it is

I will be linking this little quilt up to the Finish-A-Long 2016 at the end of quarter 2 

Finish A Long 2016

It started out as just a little pile of square blocks on my list here.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Finishing small things 5

At Fat Quarterly in 2013 I took a paper piecing class with Joanna and Julianna.  

We made this typewriter pattern:  Read between the lines by Joanna

I made my life difficult by using directional fabric for the background.   To make it look right I had to try and keep vertical lines vertical and horizontal lines horizontal.  The lovely Julianna was very helpful in keeping me on the right lines.  I really learnt lots on their workshop, which I have used since.

But this lovely typewriter has remained folded up in a drawer in my sewing room.  So at last it came out, was teamed up with some solid fabric for a frame on the front, and some text fabric and a chunky zip on the back.   It is now a very useful and decorative cushion.

I even set my rather long zip on the diagonal...just for fun, though it does make it easier to push a fat cushion in there!

Why did I wait so long?  

I will be linking this project to the Finish-A-Long 2016 at the end of quarter 2

Finish A Long 2016

This typewriter block is on my Quarter 2 list here

Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Siblings Together Quilt Block Drive !

I am going a bit crazy !  I was sure I had written about the Siblings Together Quilt Block Drive here as well as on the Siblings Together Quilt Group Blog but it seems not!

So just to bring you up to speed I am asking for Quilt As You Go Blocks - follow the above link to take you to the tutorial for this really simple block.  

Anyway I wrote on Monday (on the other Blog)  that I had received five quilt as you go blocks from some lovely generous quilters.

Since then I have received even more!

Enough to finish one quilt already.

It didn't really take me long to add the sashing and stitch the whole thing together - in fact it took me less than one day !  I do love QAYG!  

Here are the blocks all trimmed and ready to be sashed.

And here they are sashed and bound - job done!  I love how these blocks came from a group of people but all blend together so well - bit like a community of quilters don't you think!  

Thanks to JoanneJenniferBiff, and Linda for all the blocks - I hope I got that right !  

The good news is I have two more from Linda to start the next quilt.  I just need seven more blocks to join them - I used the blue one .....

If you want to join in and make a block or two the tutorial can be found here.  I've linked this quilt up on our Quilt Link Up Page here as no. 50!  We are half way to our target of 100 quilts and I feel we should be celebrating!

Now can you please help me make a few more!?  

Finishing small things 4

On my finish along list for quarter two I have a mosaic of small projects.  

This project is number 12.

Procrastinating about the more intricate piecing I need to do on two quilt tops I decided to make the 2-4-1 tote I cut out so many years ago.  This was my original idea...

I mislaid the other main piece of this bag (the fabric with pink flowers on it) so cut out two new pieces, then the interfacing (from muslin as I didn't have enough of the sticky stuff) and the lining.  It turns out I hadn't cut out as much as I thought!   I followed the instructions by Noodlehead.  I am probably the only person who hasn't made one of these bags...and I have to say it was pretty straightforward.  

I went for the easy version without zipped pockets but a patch pocket inside - more elephants!   It does have a magnetic fastening which I used for the first time - super easy to do that!   

 It has had a bit of a transformation and morphed into quite a different look.  But who wouldn't like elephants?  

I will be linking this project to the Finish-A-Long 2016 at the end of quarter 2

Finish A Long 2016

This 2-4-1 tote in slightly changed format is on my Quarter 2 list here

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

A butterfly medallion!

Scraptastic Tuesday

I started this project with this trial block made from scrappy bits!

And potentially these...

I thought the butterfly would work as a medallion centre and added a simple frame around it - and wondered about a border of propeller blocks using the orphan one I had as a starter

The propeller border was soon finished.

After such a busy border I thought something more open would be a good contrast.

I have oodles of scrap triangles from making other blocks and thought they would suggest small butterflies scooting round the centre in a fluttery cloud !

I placed them at all sorts of angles and liked it!  Only problem was piecing it that way...

So I started piecing it improv style 

First section of this border completed!   But I couldn't leave it there though it did take me a few days and a final push from my friend Helen/Archie on IG!

Here it is complete with x+ cornerstones, fluttery borders and a final scrappy 2 1/2" square border and I'm rather pleased with it!

Who knew it could turn out so well? 

Update :   I sorted that naughty cornerstone and put it firmly in it's place as I couldn't stand it being so forward!

All is well with this quilt top !  Sigh.

Further update:

It is quilted now, mainly in the ditch except where the butterflies are.  
  The central butterfly has a small meander and the little butterflies have a large meander to suffer their flight paths. 

 The quilt is backed with some fabric from Sarah and Jude and it is bound in a scrappy binding.

I am rather pleased with how this quilt turned out.

I will be linking this project to the Finish-A-Long 2016 at the end of quarter 2

Finish A Long 2016

The butterfly centre and orphan propeller and x+ blocks are on my Quarter 2 list here

Monday, 25 April 2016

Finishing small things 3

On my finish along list for quarter two I have a mosaic of small projects.  

This project is number 11.

I entered a swap on IG last year and made a Star Wars themed package for my partner.

A practice piece was left over - a stitchy R2D2.  I felt it should become something so ordered a bit of Star Wars fabric from Frumble Fabric, as you do....

And it quickly became storage for charm squares.  It was made with four rectangles, and a square bottom.  I used car headliner as the stiffener and is works like a dream. (Tip received from Di @wllowbeckdesigns).  As this is a techno style project I left the material visible on the inside and finished of the raw edges with a bit of wide ribbon hand stitched in place, which was the longest bit of the project!

It's full already!  And looking out at me from my fabric shelves - much prettier than the cardboard shoe box it replaced.  I might have to make a few more...

I will be linking this project to the Finish-A-Long 2016 at the end of quarter 2

Finish A Long 2016

This R2D2 charm square basket is on my Quarter 2 list here

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Finishing small things 2: the robins!

On my finish along list for quarter two I have a mosaic of small projects.  

Like buses, robins come three projects at a time - see number 17!

This is how these projects began

And this is how they became something else.  

The three robins became the tote bag I had intended from the start.  

It is a simple unlined canvas bag, with some raw edged machine applique on it!

I have enclosed the raw seams, on the sides and bottom, with another line of stitching beyond those raw edges - a sort of reverse French seam I think (with a real French seam the lumpy bit would be on the inside!)    I added a contrast brown binding to the top edge enclosing the handles too. 

I made the handles by doubling over and stitching down some woven tape and stuffing the tube it made with wadding scrap so my handles will not cut into my hand/shoulder.  

I have even taken it to Tesco's with me and it has kept those bulky bread and breakfast related items together in my trolley and car boot! Not so heavy it might bust my stitches and clean!  Success!

The one wee embroidered robin from a Fat Quarterly Retreat class in 2012 with Aneela Hoey finally became the picture it was always meant to be...

I just finished a few threads and mounted it in this cute wee embroidery hoop and hung it with a contrast green loop of ribbon.  I finished the back (not shown) with a circle of felt, hand stitched in place.

It is now up on the wall of my sewing room.

And finally the other raw edged robin (made at the same time as the three robins on canvas) became a Christmas cushion.    I teamed him up with a mini charm border, some hand quilted cross hatching in cotton perle and some Essex linen on the back.  A simple envelope closure for the finish.  

I'm rather in love with him so it is still on the chair where I took a photo of it.

And here they are all together

I will be linking this project to the Finish-A-Long 2016 at the end of quarter 2

Finish A Long 2016

This trio of robin related projects is on my Quarter 2 list here


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