Saturday, 25 June 2011

Farmer's Wife Post 4

Onto the fourth post of the Farmer's Wife quilt along - and some more complicated blocks with more HSTs. 

Have to say I am not really loving these and am considering a re-think on the concept of plaids and funky florals.   May have to be either plaid or floral and something else as I do not seem to have much value difference in my blocks, which was something else I wanted to explore in this quilt along.  

Oh well I do quite like the ugly block look in antique quilts so a few yucky ones will be ok but I do not want to end up with an ugly quilt...?

Block 88 Star of Hope

and Block 93 Swallow

and here are my eight blocks all together

At least the colours seem better balanced with a bit more blue as I was thinking I had gone too pink.  But now I need to work on more value contrast I think.  

This is certainly a learning process...



  1. Liking the swallow block more than the star of hope block and think you are right about the values. I see no problem with the plaid/flower combo and it is working in the blocks really well so you just need more value contrast and you will have nailed it.

  2. boy you are getting speedy at these blocks!
    Love your bird blocks from your previous post. I can see they would be addictive.

  3. You are going at a cracking rate! My husband has given me the book, but I think it is going to take me a while to get going ...

    Pomona x


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