Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Little Duck

I posted earlier about this little chap in his sailor suit.  He is one of a set from the Storybook Animals series by Jan Kornfeind of Country Appliques.

I thought he would make a nice addition to my Easter decorations - something different from all hens, rabbits and lambs.  I am a bit early for Easter, I know, but I am just trying to stay ahead.

Here is my background - you may recognise some fabrics from the Galaxy quilt I have just completed.  I thought I could use some of those plaid shirtings up! 

Next it is just a question of tracing, bondawebbing, cutting and go for the applique!  But the bit I like best is choosing the fabrics.  What will I pick for the duck's feathers, his hat, his beak, his trousers? 

When I first started doing these little appliques and people in shops offered to help I would say I'm looking for rabbit fur, or santa's beard - some people gave me some strange looks I have to tell you but others were very helpful.  It did feel great when I found the right fabrics though.  

Anyway here he is all cut out and ironed on!  The only bit of ironing I have done of late...

Now all I need to do is either machine satin stitch or hand button stitch round the pieces, a bit of button sewing on his trousers, and in the borders, a bit of embroidery of features and letters and some quilting.

A little project to keep me going and give me a rest from those big UFOs!  

And yes - for those sharp eyed among you - he does face the wrong way as I forgot to reverse the pattern templates but I thought that as they actually recommend this method of applique they would have done that for me....ah well it matters not!

Now I really think he deserves a name - any suggestions?   I'm thinking he looks like a Cyril....?  


My earlier post on my little Easter applique quilts here


  1. lovely applique. It doesn't really matter which way he is facing, I think I prefer him facing left.
    Your other little quilts in the series are great too. We don't do much decorating for easter. Not a big event for us. Might be nice to though.

  2. he is adorable! ah yes good name
    would be cute on a tea towel for easter too!

  3. He is so sweet - but shouldn't you be working on Christmas stuff first?!

  4. Too cute! I was thinking the same thing...that they would have printed it in reverse for you. I am guessing you are not the only one who has made him facing the other direction! But he is adorable facing any direction!

  5. Your little duck is super sweet!!


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