Monday, 6 June 2011

Look what I've been buying...

I have been stocking up on those gorgeous Kona solids thanks to  Simply Solids and am trying to work my way through the collection....quite a responsibility you might say!

So far I have bought (and used*):

Olive*; Peridot; Chartreuse; Cactus*; and Honeydew*

I really love those greens as you can see from my Baskets Quilt backing fabric and Olive is I think my favourite of those.

Eggshell; Champagne; Chocolate; Tangerine; and School bus

White; Blueberry; Ash; Denim; Coal and Delft

Ruby; Rich Red and Eggplant

I have plans for some of the others but I am loving the colour hit whenever I look at them.  Problem is there are so many more and each one is calling me....can you hear them?

Have you got a favourite solid colour - one you go back to again and again?   Or do you like to mix it up?



  1. Great idea to collect solids! I am not too exciting...I usually buy lots of bone and snow...boring. I really want to purchase a bit of cheddar though!

  2. I don't have one I go back to over and over again because it is a favorite. The one I go back to over again is any of the whites for obvious reasons. However my favorite is Caribbean that I used in my Urban Circus quilt followed by school bus.

  3. I very rarely use solids but adore the cheddar:)


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