Sunday, 26 June 2011

Label for Galaxy Quilt

Ok not a very exciting title but we all know that we should label our quilts and my Galaxy quilt is my most recent finish but can I honestly say it is finished without adding a label?  Why no of course not...

To put things right I have quickly done this

Normally I would put my label on the back of my quilt but this cheeky little bit of stitching is up on the front in one of the stars I have quilted there!  It is a bit wonky and the letters are not even or particularly beautiful but it is an example of my neater style of writing so it is my connection with the future generations - I hope.

I need to add my name as the maker in another star - just not enough room in one!  Now do I stitch it in the next door star or put it on the other side of the Galaxy?  What do you think?




  1. Oh what a pretty quilt. And I think it's so much fun that you are putting the label on the front by embroidering in one of the stars. I suggest putting your name on the other side of the Galaxy. It would be another bit of fun for someone to find.

  2. Nicky! This quilt is so fabulous! Really absolutely stunning! Love the label and all...I bet you are just thrilled it is all finished :)

  3. I say add your name anywhere. It doesn't need to be close to the other label.

  4. I'd say on the other side, so people have to look for it amongst all the stars.


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