Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Farmer's Wife Post 5

Here is my Farmer's Wife post no 5.  

I have been disappointed with a couple of blocks so I have fiddled with them a bit and hope you agree that they look better now

Block 88 Star of Hope before

and after

Block 4 Basketweave before 


And here are this week's newbies

Block 16 Calico Puzzle

and Block 1 Attic Windows

Now all of a sudden I seem to be going very blue.  I wonder which colour will feature next?

How are you getting on with your blocks?  I hope I am getting better at putting the fabrics together and constructing the blocks...have to say they are getting quite addictive!  



  1. Isn't it wonderful how fabric choices can make a block look so different. Will be watching your progress with interest.

  2. Those blocks look so much better because you can see the block design now. Are you going to go for the full 111 blocks?

  3. I love seeing the work in progress - I have only done 2 easy ones so far! Hope you will come and join my giveaway.

    Pomona x

  4. Lovely fabric choices SS. Like the new Star of Hope.

  5. These are looking really pretty! And I want to thank you for the sweet comment on my blog (enchanted bobbin) -- I truly appreciate the feedback :)

  6. Love your blocks! It looks like you are having fun learning as you go. I too am finding that these blocks are teaching me things about colours and piecing.


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