Friday 27 April 2012

Posting about posting!

I have been posting .... the Post Office 

Civil War blocks to the US

Bee Blocks to the US

I found this tricky! - haha!  All those points, all those bias seams!

and Wonky Houses to Jude for Bee Blessed

Who lives in a house like this?  Some dotty bird!

Is she the landlady?  or perhaps the chairwoman?

And in return I have now got -

  • my fabrics to turn my grannies into a giant churndash - will show those when they are attached; and

  • Moo cards to swap at FQ Retreat though I may put up a fight !

You may have to steal them or fight me for one!

  • and my very own stickers - woohoo!

Think I will be a bit stuck up!

I went to Dorking today to meet a friend and give her a birthday present.  I got it all ready, wrapped and in a bag last night, problem was I didn't take that bag with me! Duh!

So that goes in the post soon or I will lose it before we meet again!   Can't show you what is inside yet as she now has one of my moo cards so may pop in for a visit - Hi Fiona!  I got some homemade Damson Jam and some Apple Jelly with Chili - yum yum - guess what I'm having for breakfast!

And as I was in Dorking I did have to go to the Quilt Room and this just had to come home with me!

Some cute fabrics at the top for my Rose Star blocks - must actually make some more of those - and some daisies for my daisy project which I have a vague idea about ...still collecting daisy fabrics so let me know of any you see....


  1. Better get out with that pressie post haste... (I kill me ;o) )

  2. Some lucky recipients there!
    Cards and stickers! The regular business woman there! =D

  3. Oh Nic the wonky houses are fantastic!! They are going to be ace in our Pippi quilt. Thanks so much. Jxo

  4. Yum, yum, yum your moo cards are delicious! What a nice postie day you've had!

  5. love your wonky houses :) and those cards and stickers are great !

  6. Love your blocks! The wonky houses are so cute.
    Can I ask what Moo cards are, they look lovely as do the stickers. A great idea!
    Beautiful fabrics how could you resist?

  7. love those moo cards - they are just too cute :) and stickers as well !

  8. Love the chairwoman's house. And I will trade you the bottom left Moo! card for one of mine.

  9. Good to know that you are keeping the postal service going! Loving the Moo cards!
    Di xo

  10. Better get to the PO before Monday's price hike.

  11. Sounds like you have been very busy.

  12. Stuck never! I am in fits of laughter here.

  13. Oooo I've never heard of Moo cards. They look cute. I love your wonky houses..... x

  14. I love your Moo cards and stickers - I can see why you're so excited about them! Your new fabric looks lovely as do all your bee blocks and your card trick points look spot on, I think you're being too hard on yourself!


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